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Karen Burke (SSRN)

Richard B. Stephens Eminent Scholar

Professor Burke joined the UF Law faculty in 2013. She is a nationally-recognized expert in the areas of corporate taxation, partnership taxation, and tax policy. She recently published “The Moving Target of Tax Reform," 93 N.C. L. REV. 649 (2015) (with UF Law Professor Grayson McCouch), focusing on the taxation of inherited wealth and the increasing share of noncorporate business income reported by high income-individuals. Her article, "Unified Passthrough Reform Misses the Mark," 146 Tax Notes 1371 (2015) considers current reform proposals as well as possible solutions to the compliance problems of large, complex partnerships. Burke participated in a discussion on partnership options and carried interests at the 2015 Florida Tax Institute, co-sponsored by UF’s highly-ranked Graduate Tax Program.

Burke serves as a member of the American Law Institute and was a consultant to its federal income tax project, Taxation of Private Business Enterprises. In 2015, she published a revised edition of Federal Income Taxation of S Corporations (with Professor John McNulty, U.C. Berkeley). Her current research focuses on high-profile tax shelters and the judicially-developed sham partnership doctrine.

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