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Situated in the heartland of Europe, Poland has been both a bridge and a front line between eastern and western Europe. Poland is a multifaceted country where the capital and medieval old towns are coddled by contemporary city slickers, where horse-drawn carts negotiate country lanes in areas where the 20th century appears to have got lost somewhere down the road. This is the environment which surrounds the Florida-Warsaw Semester Abroad Law Program in Warsaw, providing students with an excellent example of a global view of the future.

Although founded late in Polish history (at the beginning of the 14th century), centrally located Warsaw has been Poland’s capital on and off since 1611. Warsaw was one of central Europe’s most beautiful and sophisticated cities until it scooped the prize for worst-ravaged in WW II. Many historic oases have been meticulously reconstructed, but most of the urban landscape is modern. The impressive city of Warsaw is divided by the Vistula River. The western, left-bank sector includes the city center proper and the Old Town to the north. Almost all attractions, as well as a share of tourist facilities, including the University of Warsaw, are on this side of the river.

Florida-Warsaw Semester Abroad Law Program is based at the University of Warsaw, where UF has successfully operated the Center for American Law Studies. The university has a Law facility with all the advanced teaching and computer technology. Participants of the Florida-Warsaw Semester Abroad Law Program will also have access to a state of the art library facility, which includes an American law collection. The University of Warsaw houses around 66,000 students each academic year, making it the largest universities in Poland.

The Florida-Warsaw Semester Abroad Law Program will provide students with an excellent curriculum. The curriculum will have an emphasis in the area of European Community Law and Polish Law. The courses available at the Florida-Warsaw Semester Abroad Law Program include: Jurisprudence in Europe, European Political and Legal Doctrines, Administrative Law, Public Business Law, Informatics and law inthe EU and Poland, Protection of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in Poland. UF students can attend the Florida-Warsaw Semester Abroad Law Program for the Fall or Spring semester.

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