Environmental Law

CGR’s attorneys in the Environmental Law Division have developed reputations as leading state and international experts in environmental law, specializing in the areas of water law, environmental law, environmentally sensitive ecosystems, land use, coastal management, groundwater protection, wetlands protection, maintenance of freshwater flows to estuaries, protection of endangered species and regulation of pesticide uses. The University of Florida Conservation Clinic is an interdisciplinary law and policy clinic providing professional services to the conservation community. The Clinic is an initiative of the College of Law’s Environmental and Land Use Law Program.

Social Policy

The Social Policy Division’s research and public policy work began with a report commissioned by the Florida Bar, “The Legal Needs of the Poor and Under-represented Citizens of Florida: An Overview.” Since that time, the wide-ranging expertise of social policy staff has expanded to include poverty, health policy, family policy, aging policy, juvenile justice, gender and race bias, and education reform.

Democracy and Governance

CGR’s Democracy and Governance Division includes courses, research, and projects on topics that include democracy and constitutional law, rule of law, comparative law, and governmental structures and processes within Florida, the United States, and throughout the world. Projects in the Division have included the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, the Haiti Conflict Resolution Program, Local Government in Poland Program, and the Center for American Law Studies, a joint program with Warsaw University in Poland.

Law & Policy in the Americas Program

The Law & Policy in the Americas Program is sponsored by the University of Florida’s Center for Governmental Responsibility at the Levin College of Law, the Center for International Business Educations and Research, the Center for Latin American Studies and the International Center. The Program coordinates the activities of these centers as they relate to law, policy and relations in the Americas. The Program is dedicated to using the University of Florida’s legal expertise to foster the rule of law in the Americas and to strengthening the University’s ties with the region.