How to Apply

Steps to Enroll in a Clinic:

Enrolling in a clinical program can be a valuable addition to your legal education. The steps below outline the process for being offered an opportunity to participate in a clinical program.

1. Identify the clinical program you would like to participate in.

2. Check to see if your clinical choice requires a Registrant Clearance Letter and Certified Legal Intern Status.

3. Take the required courses for your clinical choice.

4. Complete and submit the Clinic Application to Student Affairs by the posted deadline, with the Registrant Clearance Letter attached if applicable.

5. Your acceptance into the Clinic is dependent upon completed credit hours, possible waiting lists, and “Preferred Point” recommended courses that have been completed.

6. Immediately contact the Clinic once you are offered a position and have accepted it through the Office of Student Affairs.

7. You will then prepare your CLI application with the Clinic staff if the particular clinic requires it.

The Clinical Information Matrix below will help you gain more informaton about pre-requirements, time concerns, credit hours, and more information

Click here to open the Clinical Information Matrix