Comments From Participants

Henrique Carvalho, Brazil

“Studying at the Levin College of Law is a remarkable experience. The Comparative Law program gives me the perfect academic environment to develop my educational and professional skills. Considering the law school, its professors and even the city of Gainesville, I am sure that this is the best choice among top American LL.M. programs.”
– Henrique Carvalho, Brazil

Maria del Carmen Curatolo, Ecuador

“To be part of the Comparative Law program was a super experience thanks to the helpful staff, the understanding professors, and the group of wonderful classmates involved in the program.”
– Maria del Carmen Curatolo, Ecuador

De Zhang, China

“The Comparative Law program does not only reinforce our academic competency, but also upgrade and prepare us for our future vocations. Additionally, by learning from countries in different cultures, law in different legal systems, and people in different backgrounds, it broadened our views, enriched our experience and helped us adapted to the trend of the economic globalization.”
– De Zhang, China