The Student Body

Students accepted to the LL.M. in Comparative Law program at Florida join a talented and ambitious student body with diverse interests, ethnic backgrounds, ages and experience. Florida’s student body includes approximately 1,000 full-time J.D. students; 120 lawyers enrolled in the Graduate Tax Programs; and up to 40 international law graduates in the LL.M. in Comparative Law Program. Approximately half are female and about 25 percent are minorities.

Numerous opportunities exist to participate in student organizations and journals, such as the International Law Society or the Florida Journal of International Law. Several student organizations, including Moot Court, Trial Team and Law Review, are recognized for excellence at state, regional and national levels.

Florida students develop not only the knowledge and skills needed in today’s rapidly changing legal profession, but the friendships and professional colleagues that make law study one of life’s most rewarding and empowering experiences.