In recent years, outstanding students from more than twenty countries have obtained their LL.M. in Taxation or LL.M. in International Taxation at the University of Florida. They have spent a very challenging and rewarding year studying tax law with other international students and with classmates from around the United States. They have new found friendships in the Graduate Tax Program that endure long after their experience in Gainesville is over.

International Taxation Students Testimonials

“I can’t believe how far and deep the Tax Program took me into the US tax system.”
-Ricardo Mihura Estrada

“…express my sincere gratitude for the great opportunity given to me to participate as an international student of the most prestigious, high-quality and dynamic tax program in the US. The program built on me a solid background not only of the US tax System but also of the International one, including Europe and Latinamerica. The experience was increased because I could share my classes with students from different countries, creating a solid friendship that will last forever.”
-Miligritos Fernandez Rodriguez

“I strongly recommend UF’s tax program for people who are seriously interested in taxation. You have some of the world’s leading tax experts not only in the classroom but also available for discussion. At the program you are not another number. There is a possibility for one to one contact with all professors.”
-Jorge Ramirez

Student/Faculty Ratio

We anticipate that enrollment will not exceed 20 students. Enrollment in the L.LM. Tax Program has averaged about 60 students over the years. There are 11 members of the Graduate Tax faculty and they will be teaching students in both programs.