Financial Information

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Tuition & Expenses

Tuition for the Graduate Tax Program for the 2015-2016 academic year is $815.81 per credit for Florida residents and $1,461.30 per credit for non-residents.

Although expenses can vary considerably, the College of Law estimates that students can anticipate expenses in addition to tuition of about $16,730.00 for Fall/Spring 2015-2016.

Student Orientation Fee

Florida Graduate Tax Assistantships

Students admitted to the LL.M. in Taxation or LL.M. in International Taxation are considered for available financial assistance, which is typically awarded in the form of a graduate assistantship or other research assistantship appointment.

Each recipient of an assistantship works with a member of the tax faculty as a research assistant or with the Florida Tax Review as a student editor. Students may be awarded a stipend; a stipend plus a scholarship; or a stipend plus a partial tuition waiver. Assistantship appointments are made based on the student’s record and the research needs of the tax faculty, and no separate application is required.

Scholarships & Awards

The following scholarships and awards, as referenced above, are made in conjunction with a student’s appointment to serve as a research assistant for a member of the tax faculty or as a student editor for the Florida Tax Review.

  • Dean, Mead, Egerton, Bloodworth, Capouano & Bozarth Scholarship
  • Dorini Family Graduate Tax Scholarship
  • The Florida Bar Tax Section Award
  • James J. Freeland Scholarship
  • Janice Dawson Quinn Graduate Assistantship
  • Mark A. Rentenbach Memorial Fund
  • Richard B. Stephens Award
  • John W. Thatcher Graduate Tax Scholarship
  • Ralph R. Bailey Scholarship

Other Financial aid

International Students: Contact the Graduate Tax Office for information about “Linkage Institute” programs with several countries and regions and/or scholarships for students from Latin America or the Caribbean.
Loans: A variety of loans, including Guaranteed Student Loans, may be available. Early application is encouraged to allow adequate processing time before the start of a term. For loan information and applications, please contact the financial aid coordinator at the Levin College of Law, Ms. Victoria Houghton, at Short-term loans in limited amounts may be made available through the Graduate Tax Program.

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