First Day Assignments

Fall 2014 – First Day Assignments

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Corporate Taxation – LAW7611 Section 08DA/5185
Professor Martin J. McMahon, Jr.
1st Day Assignment

Civil Tax Procedure – LAW7640 Section 3528
Professor Samuel Ullman

State & Local Taxation – LAW7650 Section 14F7
Professor David Hudson
1st Day Assignment : Read pages 1-1 through 1-19 of text and think about and be prepared to discuss “my life as a taxpayer”.

Income Tax Treaties – LAW7682 Section 5192
Professor Yariv Brauner

1st Day Assignment : Please refer to syllabus

Taxation of Gratuitous Transfers – LAW7623 Section 5182
Professor Dennis Calfee

1st Day Assignment : The assignment for the first class is listed under Problem #1 in the Study Problems Book.

US International Tax I – LAW7614 Section 5190
Professor Omri Marian

1st Day Assignment : Please refer to syllabus