Costs and Finances


The Financial Aid Office works closely with students to ensure they make the most of available aid through federal and institutional sources, including more than 140 scholarships and grants administered by the Levin College of Law. For more information visit the Student Affairs Office’s financial aid page.

Entering first-year students may qualify for a scholarship or grant based upon merit, need or merit/need as determined by a Financial Aid Committee. (Students selected for more than one scholarship will receive the award of greatest value.) Most students qualify for Federal Direct Loans, which must be applied for annually using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Private loans also may be available, based upon credit. Transfer students are eligible for federal aid, but not for law school aid until they have been evaluated at the Levin College of Law at least one semester.

BARBRI Law Preview

BARBRI Law Preview, together with leading law schools, law firms, companies and bar associations, have created an innovative partnership to improve the academic performance of law students. These sponsoring organizations generously fund full scholarships for incoming law students to attend a BARBRI Law Preview summer session so they can learn from the nation’s leading law school professors and attorney lecturers what to expect and how to succeed in law school. Some sponsors also make further investments by mentoring scholarship recipients throughout their 1L year. To learn more, please visit BARBRI Law Preview.

BARBRI Law Preview has teamed up with Lexis-Nexis, one of the world’s leading providers of online legal research, to provide BARBRI Law Preview Scholarships to select members of UF Law’s entering class. Lexis-Nexis has generously agreed to help entering UF Law students prepare for their 1L year by paying the cost of tuition for a law school prep course. Visit BARBRI Law Preview to see if you meet the scholarship criteria.

ABA Consumer Info

For consumer information for current and potential students, please see our ABA 509 Standard page.

Additional Information

For helpful links and information about federal loans, visit our financial aid page.