Wait List FAQs

Q. What is the Wait List?

A. In order to ensure that we enroll the target number of students in the entering class, the Admissions Committee creates a “wait list” of candidates each year. Candidates on the wait list are those that the Committee feels may be competitive for a possible later vacancy in the entering class. These candidates will be considered for seats in the class that may be available after the deposit deadline, or seats which may become available before the first day of Orientation, Tuesday, August 11th.

The Committee believes, given your credentials, you would be successful at UF Law should a position within the class become available. For those candidates already offered admission, the deposit deadline is May 15th. Soon after that date, the Committee will have a better idea of the number of students who have chosen to enroll at UF Law and whether we have any vacancies in the class. At that time, if it is determined that there is space available the Committee will begin to re-review the files of those candidates who have been waitlisted.

Q. How many people are on the Wait List?

A. The number of candidates on the wait list will vary from a few hundred to several hundred. The Committee extends a number of wait list offers, however, not all candidates choose to remain on the wait list as they move forward with other plans. The number of waitlisted students fluctuates throughout the summer, as some will choose to withdraw their names for consideration.

Q. Is the Wait List ranked?

A. The wait list is unranked and all files are re-reviewed by the Committee on an on-going basis as space becomes available in the class. This process can continue up until the first day of Orientation.

Q. How many people do you admit from the wait list?

A. The number of students who have been offered admission from the wait list varies from year to year. It will depend on how many students submit a deposit and how many students later withdraw from UF Law to pursue other plans. As we monitor the size of the class very closely and watch the number of seat deposits and withdrawals, the Committee continuously reviews the
wait list.

Q. What does the Admissions Committee look at when reviewing the wait list?

A. The wait list review process is a comparative and holistic one. The Committee will review waitlisted candidates against each other and will look for demonstrated strength in all areas such as academic credentials, including LSAT score, undergraduate GPA, level of writing skills, breadth of studies, and other criteria such as work/life experience, activities and leadership experience.

Q. How do I increase my chances of being admitted from the wait list?

A. Candidates who were completing a Bachelor’s degree at the time of application are strongly encouraged to submit updated transcripts with final semester grades to LSAC. The Committee will consider any updates to GPA’s and transcripts. Additionally, candidates with any changes to their resume should email an updated resume as an attachment to our office.

Letters of continued interest are also very helpful to the Committee as it re-reviews files of those candidates who have strongly indicated they would like to enroll at UF Law should space become available. Letters of continued interest will be accepted via postal mail or as an email attachment (admissions@law.ufl.edu). Additional letters of recommendation, updated admissions statements, etc. are not required or necessary.

**And of course, you should submit your Wait List Confirmation form as soon as possible and before May 8th so that we may add you to the active wait list.**

Q. When will I be notified about an offer from the wait list?

A. Applicants could be offered a seat in the class from the wait list anytime from now up until the first day of Orientation. Unfortunately, there are many “unknowns” throughout the wait list process. As summer passes, and if deposited students choose to withdraw from the entering class, the Committee will evaluate waitlisted candidates for possible admission. As we cannot predict behaviors, it is impossible to know when and if enrolling students will withdraw from the class. We will periodically update you throughout the summer with a series of newsletters about any wait list activity.

Q. If I am offered a seat in the entering class, how will I be notified?

A. The Admissions Office will contact you via email regarding any activity on the wait list that may affect you directly. Therefore, please let us know of any changes to your email address, check your email regularly and ensure that your computer’s filters accept UF Law emails.

Q. If I am offered admission how long would I have to accept an offer?

A. As the wait list process can move quickly if space becomes available in the entering class, candidates admitted from the wait list generally have 48 hours to make a decision as to whether they will accept the offer of admission. This is because we will need time to move quickly to activate your file as an enrolling student and begin the registration process allowing enough time for you to access your course schedule information, purchase books, and prepare for your first- day assignments. Acceptance of an offer will require a $200 deposit as well as the submission of an enrollment form that certifies that you have withdrawn from all law schools to which you have been admitted.

Q.Should I visit the campus?

A. If your schedule permits, you may wish to visit the campus during the summer months. In the event that space does become available and we are able to offer a candidate a seat in the class, the turnaround time can be very short, usually 48 hours. Therefore, if visiting our campus will be an important factor in your decision, we recommend that you plan ahead since you will likely be asked to submit your admissions deposit quickly and often times we may not be able to grant extensions so that visits can be arranged. For more information about our Summer Tour schedule, please visit: http://www.law.ufl.edu/admissions/prospective-students/visiting-uf-law

Q. If I am admitted from the wait list, will I be eligible for merit-based scholarships and financial aid?

A. Unfortunately, because of our very limited funding and the timing of wait list offers of admission, merit scholarships are not available for candidates admitted from the wait list. Candidates however, should complete a FAFSA if they wish to be considered for federal loans. We also encourage you to review the cost of attendance posted on our website so you can plan for financing your legal education.

Q. Should I deposit at another school or wait to hear from UF?

A. Candidates on the wait list should move forward with plans to attend another institution. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a seat in the class or a time by which you may hear. Therefore, we encourage you to make alternate plans to ensure your enrollment at a law school this fall. In the event that we are able to offer you a seat in the class, and depending on the timing of the offer, you may risk losing a deposit made at another institution.

Q. If I do not get an offer of admission from the wait list, does this increase my chances of admission as a transfer?

A. Candidates who do not gain admission to UF Law are welcome to apply as a transfer applicant after completing their first year of law school in the top third of their class. Since UF Law’s admissions process is a holistic and comparative review process, your status from a previous year would have no bearing on your status as a transfer applicant. Should a student decide to apply for transfer admission, the Committee would review the file in its entirety, including, but not limited to, first year performance, grades and ranking within class, LSAT score, undergraduate GPA, admissions statement, resume and letters of recommendation. Additional information on our transfer process can be found at the website: http://www.law.ufl.edu/admissions/prospective-students/transfer-visitor-procedures

Q. What if my plans change and I do not want to remain on your waitlist?

A. Please notify the Office of Admissions immediately if your plans have changed and you would like to withdraw your name from the wait list. If you could kindly notify the office via email of your decision (admissions@law.ufl.edu), we will update your file accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding the Wait List that this FAQ list does not cover, please do not hesitate to contact us at admissions@law.ufl.edu or 352-273-0890.