Recruitment Calendar

Each fall, the Office of Admissions participates in over 50 recruiting events in cities and colleges across the country. Please check our Recruitment Calendar to see when we will be near your hometown or college.

For further details, please contact the individual school hosting the event. For LSAC Forums, please visit to register.

Fall 2013 Recruitment Schedule


September 19 Vanderbilt
September 24 University of Michigan
September 24 James Madison University
September 24 Flagler College
September 25 University of Virginia
September 25 Michigan State University
September 25 Rollins
September 25 Stetson University
September 26 Florida Southern College
September 26 University of Tampa
September 26 College of William & Mary
September 27 Florida Gulf Coast
September 28 LSAC Miami Forum


October 1 Cornell University
October 2 SUNY-Binghamton
October 7 George Washington University
October 8 University of Maryland
October 10 University of North Florida
October 12 LSAC Houston Forum
October 15 University of Texas at Dallas
October 16 Texas A & M University
October 16 University of Central Florida
October 17 University of Texas at Austin
October 18 LSAC New York Forum
October 19 LSAC New York Forum
October 21 LSAC Boston Forum
October 21 Indiana University-Bloomington
October 22 Florida State University
October 22 University of Illinois-Urbana
October 23 Florida A & M University
October 24 University of Florida
October 24 University of Wisconsin at Madison
October 26 LSAC Los Angeles Forum
October 30 University of South Carolina


November 1 Ohio State University
November 2 LSAC Atlanta Forum
November 4 University of Georgia
November 5 Davidson College
November 5 Wake Forest University
November 6 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


January 22 Auburn University
January 23 University of Alabama