Faculty Expertise: Constitutional Law

Mary Adkins

Director, Legal Writing & Appellate Advocacy
Master Legal Skills Professor

Expertise: Florida Constitution • Legal Writing • 

Fletcher N. Baldwin

Emeritus Professor
Past recipient of the Chesterfield Smith Professorship
Director of The Centre For International Financial Crimes Studies

Expertise: Civil Rights • Constitutional Law • Criminal Procedure • 

Charles W. Collier

Affiliate Professor of Philosophy

Expertise: Constitutional Law • First Amendment • Legal Theory • 

Elizabeth Dale


University of Florida Research Foundation Professor 2013 - 2015
Professor of Law and Professor of History (Joint Appointment with Department of History)

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Legal History • 

George R. “Bob” Dekle

Director, Criminal Prosecution Clinic
Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center
Master Lecturer

Expertise: Criminal Defense • Criminal Law • Criminal Prosecution • Death Penalty • Ethics & Professional Responsibility • Evidence • Insanity Defense, Mental Health, Capacity to Stand Trial • Mental Health • Police Practices • Sex Offenders • 

Nancy E. Dowd


David H. Levin Chair in Family Law
Emeritus Director, Center on Children & Families

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Family Law • 

Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol


Levin Mabie and Levin Professor; Associate Director

Expertise: Civil Rights • Immigration Law • International and Transnational Law • Race & Race Relations • 

Darren Hutchinson

Stephen C. O'Connell Chair

Expertise: Civil Rights • Constitutional Law • Gay Rights • 

Joseph S. Jackson

Senior Legal Skills Professor

Expertise: Equal Protection • Gay Rights • 

Lyrissa Barnett Lidsky


Stephen C. O'Connell Professor
Associate Dean for International Programs

Expertise: Constitutional Law • First Amendment • Internet Law • Media Law • Tort Law • 

Joseph W. Little

Emeritus Professor

Expertise: Civil Rights • Constitutional Law • Florida Constitution • Privacy • Tort Law • Worker's Compensation • 

Timothy McLendon

Staff Attorney
Center for Governmental Responsibility

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Florida Constitution • 

Jon L. Mills

Professor of Law
Dean Emeritus
Director, Center for Governmental Responsibility

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Environmental Law • First Amendment • Florida Constitution • Latin America • Privacy • 

Kenneth B. Nunn


Professor of Law
Associate Director, Center on Children and Families
Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

Expertise: Civil Rights • Criminal Law • Criminal Procedure • Race & Race Relations • 

Sharon Elizabeth Rush


Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Irving Cypen Professor of Law
Associate Director, Center on Children & Families
Co-founder, Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Fourteenth Amendment • Race & Race Relations • 

John F. Stinneford


Professor of Law
Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center

Expertise: Criminal Law • Criminal Procedure • Eighth Amendment • Sentencing • 

Michael Allan Wolf


Professor of Law
Richard E. Nelson Chair in Local Government Law

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Eminent Domain • Environmental Law • Land Use • Local Government • Property Law • Zoning • 

Danaya C. Wright


Clarence J. TeSelle Endowed Professor

Expertise: Constitutional Law • Estates & Trusts • Legal History • Property Law •