Faculty Expertise: Criminal Procedure

Jonathan Barry-Blocker

Photo of Jonathan Barry-Blocker

Visiting Legal Skills Professor

Email: jblocker@law.ufl.edu Phone: 352-273-0666

Expertise: Civil Rights  • Clinical Legal Education  • Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Privacy  • Trial Procedure  • 

Julian Cook


Samuel T. Dell Professor of Law

Email: cook@law.ufl.edu

Expertise: Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Evidence  • 

E. Lea Johnston

E. Lea Johnston


Clarence J. TeSelle Professor

Email: johnstonl@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0794

Expertise: Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Mental Health  • 

Matthew Kim


Assistant Professor of Law

Email: kim@law.ufl.edu Phone: 352-273-0608

Expertise: Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Empirical Research  • 

Kenneth B. Nunn

Photo of Kenneth Nunn


Selected Works

Emeritus Dr. Patricia Hilliard-Nunn Memorial Racial Justice Term Professor

Email: nunn@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0660

Expertise: Affirmative Action  • Africa and African Studies  • Bill of Rights  • Campus Climate  • Civil Rights  • Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Legal Theory  • Race & Race Relations  • Sexual Violence  • Sixth Amendment  • Stand Your Ground Law  • 

Sarah H. Wolking

Selected Works

Senior Lecturer and Senior Legal Skills Professor

Email: wolking@law.ufl.edu Phone: 352-273-0800

Expertise: Criminal Law  • Criminal Procedure  • Evidence  • Externships  • State and Federal Prosecution  • Trial Practice  • Wrongful Convictions  • 

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