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LL.M., University of Wisconsin J.D., University of Chicago M.St., University of Oxford B.A., Amherst College

Teaching & Scholarship
  • Antitrust, Compliance, Corporate, International and Comparative Business Law and Regulation, Law and Entrepreneurship
  • Professor Sokol has published a number of books with Oxford University Press and Stanford University Press and articles in journals such as the Journal of Law and Economics, Michigan Law Review, Northwestern Law Review, Southern California Law Review, Notre Dame Law Review, and the George Washington Law Review among others. He has presented at the Harvard/Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum (2013) and at workshops and conferences in the United States and around the world.
  Professional Activities
      • University of Florida: Joined College of Law faculty in 2008
      • Hispanic National Bar Association
        • Chair, Law Professor’s Section (2013-present)
      • American Bar Association- Section of Antitrust Law
        • IP Section Representative (2014-present)
        • Vice Chair, Membership Committee (2009-2015)
        • Merger Retrospective Committee (2012-present)
        • Task Force on Controlling Costs of Antitrust Enforcement and Litigation (2011-2012)
      • American Bar Association- Section of Intellectual Property law
        • Vice Chair, Division IV  (2015-present)
        • Chair, Antitrust Committee (2012-2015)
      • American Association of Law Schools
        • Chair, Antitrust and Trade Regulation Section (2014)
        • Executive Board, Antitrust and Trade Regulation Section (2009-2013)
      • Editor, Antitrust and Competition Policy Blog
      • US Chamber of Commerce Antitrust Council
        • Academic Advisor (2014-present)
      • Policy Work: Sokol has provided technical assistance and capacity building to antitrust agencies and utilities regulators from around the world. He serves as a non-governmental advisor to the International Competition Network.

Business Enterprises Survey — LAW 6068 (Credits: 5)

Registration preference given to fall and spring entering students in their fourth full semester. A consideration of the various forms of doing business, especially for unincorporated associations. Emphasis is placed upon agency and partnership, with consideration given to other forms of businesses, such as non-profit corporations, professional associations and limited liability companies. Also, a consideration of problems in organizing a corporation, disregard of the corporate fiction, control and management, derivative suits, and special problems of the close corporation. May also consider federal regulations controlling insider trading, proxy solicitations, and short-swing profits.

Antitrust Health Care — LAW 6930 (Credits: 2)

This class will explore antitrust issues in the health care and life sciences areas.

Law and Entrepreneurship — LAW 6930 (Credits: 3)

The intersection of law and entrepreneurship is an emerging field of study. This course explores the common legal and economic issues faced by highly innovative start-up companies and the angel investors and venture capitalists who fund them.

Previously Taught Classes at the University of Florida

Antitrust Mergers

Antitrust Intellectual Property

Business Organizations


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