Danaya C. Wright

Clarence J. TeSelle Endowed Professor



Mailing Address:
Box #117625 Gainesville, FL 32611





Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University J.D., Cornell University of Law (cum laude) M.A., St. Johns College M.A., University of Arizona B.A., Cornell University

Teaching and Scholarship

Property, Estates and Trusts, Future Interests, Legal History, Jurisprudence, Law and Literature, Feminist Theory, Constitutional Law

Professional Activities

  • University of Florida: Joined College of Law faculty in 1998 as Assistant Professor of Law
  • Indiana University School of Law: Adjunct Professor (1996-98)
  • Visiting Faculty: Arizona State University College of Law
  • Organizations: Law and Society Association, American Society for Legal History, Association of American Law Schools, National Women's Studies Association, Society of American Law Teachers.

Property (4 credits) - LAW 5400

  • The acquisition and possession of real and personal property, estates in land, introduction to future interests, landlord and tenant, easements, licenses, constitutional takings, zoning, public access, and covenants and rights incident to land ownership.

Constitutional Law (4 credits) - LAW 5501

  • Introduction to United States Constitutional Law. Topics include judicial enforcement of the Constitution to preserve individual liberties; judicial review; separation of powers; structure and powers of the federal government; and federalism.

English Legal History (2 credits) - LAW 6220

  • Emphasis on the history of English law from the Conquest: the feudal society; the growth of constitutional concepts and the limits on public order; the origins of the central courts and the elaboration of the judicial system; the history of the jury and of equity; the prerogative courts; a brief consideration, time permitting, of the distribution of English Law.

Estates and Trusts (3 credits) - LAW 6430

  • Registration preference will be given to students in their third full semester. Topics covered include intestate succession, gifts, execution of wills, creation of trusts, charitable trusts, ademption and lapse, and powers of appointment. Prerequisites: Property (LAW 5400)

Future Interests (2 or 3 credits) - LAW 6433

  • Topics include protection of the family, termination of trusts, classification of possessory and future interests, gifts to classes and the Rule Against Perpetuities.

History of Women in the Law (3 credits) - LAW 6930

  • This course offers a close, analytical study of issues in women's history and the law by introducing students to important developments in the law as it pertains to women and women's status in England and America. The course will utilize general and specific historical studies; primary documents such as articles and reports written during the period at issue; legislation and cases from the relevant periods; and legislation, cases and articles of current interest pertaining to the modern development of the relevant topics.

Advanced Con Law: Takings Credits - LAW 6930

  • This is a course on the 5th amendment due process and takings clauses. It is an intense look at theories of property, the origins of substantive economic due process, and the emergence of takings as one of the Supreme Court's principal areas of activity. The course will cover a variety of takings issues, from balancing to per se rules, facial challenges to the denominator question, and ripeness to exactions.
  • The Legacy of Colonialism: Law and Women’s Rights in India, Cambridge University Press (coauthored with Varsha Chitnis) (refereed) forthcoming.
  • “Hogwarts, the Family, and the State: Forging Identity and Virtue in Harry Potter,” forthcoming Carolina Academic Press book on Harry Potter and the Law, (2008).
  • “Rails-to-Trails: Conversion of Railroad Corridors to Recreational Trails,” Wolf (ed), 78A Powell on Real Property, 78A1-78A123 (2007) (plus periodic updates).
  • “The Shifting Sands of Property Rights, Federal Railroad Grants, and Economic History: Hash v. U.S. and the Threat to Rail-Trail Conversions,” 38 Environmental Law 711-766 (2008).
  • “Charitable Deductions for Rail-Trail Conversions: Reconciling the Partial Interest Rule and the National Trails System Act” (co-authored with Scott Bowman), 32 Wm. & Mary Envt’l L & Pol’y Rev. 1-57 (2008).
  • “The Legacy of Colonialism: Religion, Law, and Women’s Rights in India” (co-authored with Varsha Chitnis), 64 Washington & Lee Law Review 1315-1348 (2007).