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Jeffrey L Harrison

Stephen C. O'Connell Chair



Mailing Address:
Box #117625 Gainesville, FL 32611


(352) 273-0660

(352) 392-3005


J.D., University of North Carolina (high honors) Ph.D., University of Florida M.B.A., University of Florida B.S., University of Florida, (high honors)

Teaching and Scholarship

Antitrust, contracts Law, copyright and Economics

Professional Activities

  • University of Florida: Joined Law faculty in 1983 as Professor; named Chesterfield Smith Professor of Law (1994), Stephen C. O'Connell Chair (1999-present).
  • Previous Educational Experience: University of Houston (1978-83): Associate Professor, Professor; University of North Carolina-Greensboro (1970-78): Assistant, Associate Professor, Lecturer in Economics.
  • Visiting Faculty: University of North Carolina, Leiden University (The Netherlands), University of Texas, Economics Department, Sorbonne (Paris), 2002.
  • Professional Affiliations: State Bar of Texas, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Omicron Delta Iota, Order of the Coif.

Contracts (4 credits) - LAW 5000

  • Introduction to the law and theory of legally enforceable agreements and promises, including elements of contract formation, consideration, effects of non-performance, conditions for relief from or discharge of obligations, and remedies.

Antitrust Law (3 credits) - LAW 6550

  • An analysis of the legal, economic and policy issues engendered by efforts to prescribe standards of business conduct and preserve competitive market structures under the Sherman Act, Clayton Act, Federal Trade Commission Act, and related legislation.

Law & Economics - LAW 6930

  • This course considers the application of economic analysis to a variety of areas of law including, contracts, torts, property, criminal law, and intellectual property. The appropriateness of economic analysis in these contexts is evaluated in light of behavioral and moral considerations.

Current Books

  • THE LAW AND ECONOMICS OF MONOPSONY (Cambridge, forthcoming) (with Roger Blair).
  • UNDERSTANDING ANTITRUST AND ITS ECONOMIC IMPLICATIONS (5th ed., Matthew Bender, 2009) (with E.T. Sullivan).
  • LAW AND ECONOMICS (W.W. Norton, 2008) (with J.J. Theeuves)
  • LAW AND ECONOMICS IN A NUTSHELL (4th ed., 2007).
  • REGULATION AND DEREGULATION (2d. Ed. 2004 West Publishing Co.) (with Verkuil and Morgan).

Representative Law Reviews / Journals

  • The Law and Economics of the NCAA’s Claim for Monopsony Rights, The Antitrust Law Bulletin (forthcoming with Casey Harrison).
  • A Mathusian Analysis of the So Called Dynasty Trust, Virginia Tax Review (forthcoming, with William Turnier).
  • Rethinking Nondisclosure and Unilateral Mistake in Contract Law, George Mason Law Review (forthcoming).
  • Happiness, Efficiency and the Promise of Decisional Equity, 36 Pepperdine Law Review 935 (2009). Comparing Promising: Gratuitous Promises in Poland and The United States, 7 Warsaw Law Review 72 (2008).