Joan Flocks

Joan D. Flocks

Director, Social Policy Division
Center for Governmental Responsibility
Affiliate Faculty with the Center for Latin American Studies



Mailing Address:
Box #117629 Gainesville, FL 32611


(352) 273-0837

(352) 392-1457

Joan Flocks is the Director of Social Policy for the Center for Governmental Responsibility (CGR). She teaches courses and publishes in the areas social justice lawyering, poverty law, and environmental justice. She was previously an assistant professor at the UF College of Medicine and before that worked for many years as a legal services attorney in Florida. She has worked as a project manager, consultant, and investigator on several environmental justice and community-based participatory research projects focusing on topics including farmworker occupational and environmental health, farmworker housing, community health assessment, TANF recipient health perspectives, worker eye safety, worker reproductive health, and community vulnerability and resiliency. She has been involved both internationally and domestically in applied projects and presentations to governmental agencies on diverse topics such post-political settlement resolution, conflict resolution, substandard housing, and community environmental health. She received her MA in Latin American Studies and her JD from the University of Florida. Professor Flocks's scholarship can be found on:


J.D., University of Florida; M.A., University of Florida; B.S., University of Florida

Teaching and Scholarship

  • Environmental Justice, Poverty Law, Community-Based Participatory Research, Immigrant Groups in the Southeast

Professional Activities

  • University of Florida: Joined College of Law in 2003 as Director, Social Policy Division at the Center for Governmental Responsibility. Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy and Epidemiology, College of Medicine (1998-2003).
  • Professional Experience: Field Project Director, Together for Agricultural Safety Project, University of Florida College of Medicine (1997-2003). Staff Attorney, Central Florida Legal Services (1995-96). Staff Attorney, Bay Area Legal Services (1992-95).
  • Professional Affiliations: The Florida Bar, Society for Applied Anthropology.

Poverty Law (3 credits) - LAW 6812

Social Justice Lawyering (3 credits) - LAW 6930

Book Chapters

  • “Implementing a Community-Based Social Marketing Project to Improve Agricultural Worker Health,” (with Clarke L, Albrecht S, Bryant C, Monaghan P, and Baker H) Clarke L, Albrecht S, Bryant C, Monaghan P, and Baker H) in Social Marketing (R.C.Lefebvre, ed.) (SAGE Publications, 2013) (Reprinted from 109:3 Environmental Health Perspectives 461 (2001))


  • The Deepwater Horizon Disaster Compensation Process as Corrective Justice: Views from the Ground Up, with J. Davies) 84 Mississippi Law Journal 1 (2014)
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