Jonathan R. Cohen




Mailing Address:
Box #117625 Gainesville, FL 32611





J.D., Harvard Law School Ph.D., Harvard University M.A.., Harvard University A.B., Harvard College

Teaching and Scholarship

Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Ethics, Evidence, Social Justice

Professional Activities

  • University of Florida: Joined College of Law faculty in 1999 on staff at the law school's Institute for Dispute Resolution
  • Harvard Law School: Hewlett Fellow & Lecturer in Law (1997-99)
  • Harvard University: Teaching Fellow (Economics) (1989, 1992-93)
  • Organizations: American Bar Association (Dispute Resolution Section), Massachusetts Bar, New York Bar

Evidence (4 credits) - LAW 6330

  • A study of the law governing proof of issues of fact before a judicial tribunal. Topics may include judicial notice, presumptions, burden of proof, hearsay, relevancy, testimonial proof, demonstrative and scientific proof, documentary proof and privileged communications. Emphasis is placed on the Federal Rules of Evidence.
    Prerequisite: Civil Procedure (LAW 5301) [Registration preference will be given to students in their third full semester.].

Negotiation (2 or 3 credits) - LAW 6385

  • Using simulations and role plays, this course explores negotiation skills lawyers employ in both transactional and dispute resolution contexts.
    Prerequisites: Not available to students who have taken or are taking Interviewing, Counseling, & Negotiation (LAW 6388); or Negotiation, Mediation & Other Dispute Resolution Processes (LAW 6389).

Representative Law Reviews/Journals

  • “Coping with Lasting Social Injustice,” 13 Washington and Lee Journal of Civil Rights and Social Justice 259-283 (2007).
  • “The Culture of Legal Denial,” in The Affective Assistance of Counsel, Marjorie A. Silver, ed. (Carolina Academic Press, 2007). This chapter is based upon “The Culture of Legal Denial,” 84 Nebraska Law Review 247-312 (2005).
  • “Judaism without Ordinary Law: Toward a Broader View of Sanctification,” 71 The Reconstructionist 50-56 (Fall 2006).
  • “In God’s Garden: Creation and Cloning in Jewish Thought,” in Ethical Issues: Western Philosophical and Religious Perspectives, Terrence Reynolds, ed., 480-486 (Belmont, Calif.: Thomson Wadsworth, 2006). This article originally appeared in 29 Hastings Center Report 4, 7-12 (1999).
  • “The Culture of Legal Denial,” 84 Nebraska Law Review 247-312 (2005). “A Taxonomy of Dispute Resolution Ethics,” in The Handbook of Dispute Resolution, Michael L. Moffitt & Robert Bordone, eds., 244-253 (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2005).


  • “The Benefits and Limitations of an Apology,” Office of the Judge of Compensation Claims, Statewide Webinar originating in Gainesville, Fla., July 11, 2008.
  • “Coping with Lasting Social Injustice,” International Conference: Justice and Policing in Diverse Societies, San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 12, 2008.
  • “Negotiating Social Divisions: Lessons from ADR for Responding to Structural Injustices, and Vice Versa,” Law and Society Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, Ill., May 28, 2004. Panel moderator.
  • “Negotiation Effectiveness: Is it the Words We Use, the Meaning We Intend, or Who’s Speaking that Counts?” American Bar Association Section on Dispute Resolution Annual Meeting, New York, N.Y., April 15, 2004. Panelist.