Photo of Winston Nagan

Winston Nagan, FRSA

Samuel T. Dell Research Scholar Professor of Law
Affiliate Professor of Anthropology
Affiliate Professor of Latin-American Studies
Affiliate Professor African Studies
Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts
Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science
Founding Director, Institute for Human Rights and Peace Development


Mailing Address:
Box #117625 Gainesville, FL 32611


(352) 273-0935

(352) 392-3005


J.S.D., Yale Law School LL.M., M.C.L., Duke Law School M.A., Brasenose College at Oxford University B.A., Brasenose College at Oxford University B.A., University of South Africa

Teaching and Scholarship

International Human Rights, National Security Law, Legal Theory, International Law, International Courts, Ethnic Conflict, Human Rights of Indigenous People

Professional Activities

  • University of Florida: Joined Law faculty in 1975 as Associate Professor. Named Professor (1978) and Affiliate Professor of Anthropology (1989). Founding Director of Institute of Human Rights and Peace Development (1994).
  • Visiting Faculty: University of Stellenbosch, University of Leiden, University of Cape Town (South Africa), Markerere University (Uganda), Monash University School of Law (Melbourne, Australia). Honorary Professor, University of Cape Town.
  • Previous Academic: Assistant Professor of Political Science, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (1968-71); Assistant Professor, Valparaiso University School of Law (1971-72); Assistant Professor of Law, DePaul University (1972-73).
  • Professional Associations: Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts (FRSA), Fellow, World Academy of Art and Sciences. American Society of International Law, International Third World Legal Studies Association, Association of American Law Schools, American Bar Association (International Law Section), American Society for Social Philosophy and the Philosophy of Law, South Africa Constitution Watch Commission.

Current Books

  • Representative Law Reviews / Journals
  • Conflict Resolution and Democratic Transformation: Confronting the Shameful Past – Prescribing a Humane Future (w/ Lucie Atkins) 119 South African Law Journal 174 (2002).
  • Racism, Genocide and Mass Murder: Toward a Legal Theory About Group Deprivations, 119 National Black Law Journal 174 (2002).
  • Rule of Law: Lofty Ideal or Harsh Reality? 8 Journal of Financial Crime 347 (2001).
  • The International Law of Torture: From Universal Prescription to Effective Adaptation and Enforcement – What Must Be Done? (w/ Lucie Atkins) 14 Harvard Human Rights Journal 87 (2001).
  • Lawyer Roles, Identity and Professional Responsibility in an Age of Globalism, 2 Florida Journal of International Law 132 (2001).
  • Dean Kronman’s Diversity Narrative: Liberal Educational Ideology Versus Social Justice, 52 Florida Law Review 897 (2000).
  • Sanctions, Black America and Apartheid: Vindicating the Promise of Peaceful Change, in FOREIGN POLICY AND THE BLACK (INTER) NATIONAL INTEREST (Albany State U.N.Y. Press, 2000, Charles P. Henry, ed.).