Yariv Brauner

Alumni Research Scholar
University of Florida Research Foundation Professor

Mailing Address:
Box #117627 Gainesville, FL 32611





LL.B., Hebrew University School of Law LL.M., in International Taxation, New York University School of Law J.S.D., New York University School of Law


Tax Policy Colloquium

U.S. International Taxation (I & II)

Tax Treaties

International Tax Planning

Transfer Pricing

Corporate Taxation

Tax Policy

Taxation of Intellectual Property

Treaty Negotiation

International Business Transactions

Taxation and Development

Multinational Corporations and the Law

Masters Thesis

Doctoral Supervision

  • U.S. International Taxation – Cases and Materials, 3rd. Ed. (Foundation Press, 2010) – with Reuven S. Avi-Yonah and Diane M. Ring (including a Teacher's Manual, 2011).
  • The Meaning of "Enterprise," "Business" and "Business Profits" under United States Tax Treaties and Domestic Law (with Allison Christians), Ch. 19 in Guglielmo Maisto (Ed.), The Meaning of "Enterprise," "Business" and "Business Profits" under Tax Treaties and EU Tax Law (IBFD, 2011).
  • Policy Forum: Taxation of Corporate Groups—Lessons from the United States, 59(2) Canadian Tax Journal 295 (2011).
  • Why Does the United States Conclude Tax Treaties? And Why Does it not Have a Tax Treaty with Brazil? (in Portuguese), in the 2011 Bi-Annual IBDT International Tax Conference Proceedings, published in Revista Direito Tributario Atual.
  • The Proper Tax Base: Structural Fairness from an International and Comparative Perspective (A Volume in Honor of Paul R. McDaniel) (Ed., (with Martin M. McMahon), (Kluwer Law International, forthcoming 2011).
  • Tax Law and Development (Ed., with Miranda Stewart), (Edward Elgar, forthcoming early 2012)