Library Liaison Program

The UF Lawton Chiles Legal Information Center provides library liaisons for all faculty.  Liaisons are intended to be your personal contact to the library.  They can help you with:

  • Quick research questions
  • Materials requests
  • Book and Media purchases for the library collection and personal copies billed to your PDA
  • Training your research assistants for longer research projects
  • Setting up in-class research training sessions for your classes
  • Setting up current awareness services
  • Answering any questions that you may have about library services

Liaison List

Faculty Member Liaisons Phone
Angelo Shamika Dalton 352.273.0702
Baldwin Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Bornstein Avery Le 352.273.0712
Brauner Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Burke Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Calfee Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Center for Gov’t Responsibility Shamika Dalton 352.273.0710
Clinics Patricia Morgan 352.273.0710
Cohen Avery Le 352.273.0712
Cohn Taryn Marks 352.273.0719
Collier Patricia Morgan 352.273.0708
Dale Todd Venie 352.273.0719
Davis Taryn Marks 352.273.0719
Dawson Loren Turner 352.273.0711
Dilley Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
DiMatteo Taryn Marks 352.273.0719
Dowd Loren Turner 352.273.0719
Fenster Todd Venie 352.273.0710
Flournoy Shamika Dalton 352.273.0710
Foreign Enrichment Todd Venie 352.273.0721
Friel Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Germain Taryn Marks 352.273.0719
Gianni Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Harrison Loren Turner 352.273.0711
Hernandez-Truyol Loren Turner 352.273.0711
Hudson Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Hurst Taryn Marks 352.273.0719
Hutchinson Avery Le 352.273.0712
Israel Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Jacobs Loren Turner 352.273.0711
Jerry Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Johnston Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
King Shira Megerman 352.273.0705
Klein Shamika Dalton 352.273.0710
Lear Patricia Morgan 352.273.0719
Legal Drafting Shira Megerman 352.273.0719
Legal Writing (except Ray) Shira Megerman 352.273.0705
Lidsky Avery Le 352.273.0712
Little Todd Venie 352.273.0704
Lokken Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Luke Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Malavet Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Marian Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Mashburn Patricia Morgan 352.273.0719
McCouch Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
McMahon Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Miller Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Mills Shamika Dalton 352.273.0710
Nagan Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Nance Patricia Morgan 352.273.0710
Noah Todd Venie 352.273.0704
Nunn Loren Turner 352.273.0711
Page Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Peters Todd Venie 352.273.0704
Ray Shamika Dalton 352.273.0710
Reid Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Rhee Tayrn Marks 352.273.0719
Riskin Loren Turner 352.273.0711
Rowe Avery Le 352.273.0712
Rush Avery Le 352.273.0712
Russell-Brown Loren Turner 352.273.0726
Sokol Taryn Marks 352.273.0719
Stein Shamika Dalton 352.273.0702
Stinneford Christopher Vallandingham 352.273.0708
Student Journals  Shira Megerman 352.273.0719
Tritt Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Willis Elizabeth Outler 352.273.0725
Wolf Shamika Dalton 352.273.0702
Womble Patricia Morgan 352.273.0726
Wright Patricia Morgan 352.273.0710
Zheng Taryn Marks 352.273.0719