Security vs. Freedom: Contemporary Controversies

2014 Federalist Society National Student Symposium


March 7 and 8, 2014

The University of Florida Levin College of Law’s Federalist Society Student Chapter has been selected to host the 33rd National Federalist Society Student Symposium.

The Federalist Society Student Symposium attracts hundreds of law students, lawyers, judges, and policy experts from across the country each year. The conference – which will be held March 7th and 8th, 2014 – will address contemporary issues in the perennial debate concerning where to draw lines among security, freedom and privacy.

Americans have been embroiled in debate regarding the boundaries between the freedom that defines us and the safety measures necessary to achieve that freedom. The issue is so divisive that individuals who share a large majority of their core beliefs can be bitter rivals regarding the line drawing in this debate. Now, more than a decade following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, balancing national security and personal freedom seems more challenging than ever.

With events like the Boston Marathon Bombings, leaks of confidential governmental information, and shifting global hostilities occurring seemingly daily, questioning our security and freedom are commonsense and responsible questions to explore. There are also a number of deeper issues that rarely emerge in our public debate, such as: Are security and freedom necessarily in opposition? Does the expression of one entail the truncation of the other? How do we strike a balance between them – i.e. where exactly is the middle ground between totalitarianism and the solitary, nasty, brutish, and short life?

The perennial debate regarding the reconciliation between security and freedom has not been the topic of a symposium since at least Harvard’s “Law and Freedom” conference in 2005, yet so much has changed in our world since then. We will critically explore this important topic in March 2014.

Symposium Executive Committee and Contact Information

Devon Westhill
Senior President and Chairman

Emily O’Keefe
Junior President

William David Chappell
Executive Vice President

Robert Fickett
Chief Financial Officer

Dillon McCarthy
Vice President for Communications

Vitaliy Kats
Vice President for Public Relations

Dairlyn Ortiz
Events and Logistics Director

Symposium General Board

Ray Harrell, Jr.
Thomas Moody
Jillian Pratt
Pierce Giboney
Pierce Senkarik
Kristin Nelson
Dave Chauncey
Jamie Koepsel
Colby Marks
Devin Esposito
Katy Melchiorre
Jennifer David
Lauren Flood
Nicholas Gurney

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