Competitions Calendar

Spring 2011

January 12th-13th, Florida Bar Chester Bedell Mock Trial Competition, Orlando, FL

Competitors: Brian Rush, Andrea Nieto, Frank Fischer, Brandon Rose, Trae Weingardt, Karen Middlekauff, Alyssa Lunin, and Ashlie Tarpley

Researchers: James Baley, Rhett Parker

Coaches: Nick Zissimopulos, Tania Alavi


February 16th – 19th, National Criminal Trial Competition sponsored by the NACDL , San Antonio, Texas

Competitors: Rhett Parker, Anita McNulty, Michael Quintero, and Dan Hogan

Round Robin: Georgia Buckhalter, Daniella Chacoa, Tiana Beaudouin, and Gillian Sykes

Researcher/Team Mascot: James Baley

Coaches: Nick Zissimopulos and Tania Alavi

February 18th-20th, National Trial Competition, Birmingham, Alabama

Competitors: Jennifer White, Dillon Roberts, Erik Gruber, and Jared Thoma

Researcher: Andrew Bauta

Coaches: Whitney Untiedt, Darby Hertz


March 3rd-6th, American Association of Justice Trial Competition, Miami, FL

Competitors: Jason Parnell, Chris Vilaseca, Tara Tedrow, and Marissa Faerber

Researchers: Henry Ramos, Kimmy Stewart

Coach: Tom Farkash