New Student Checklist

ILSP 2014 New Student Checklist

Welcome to the Levin College of Law, Class of 2017!

We are so excited for you to join our law school family. Here is some useful information that you should look over and things you need to do before orientation.

Things you need to set up:

UFID Number

You can use this link to figure out your UFID number which you will need and use for various things:

Gatorlink/Gator Web Mail

  • This is your school e-mail account and how you receive important information – make sure to set it up before ILSP, and for your benefit ASAP!
  • If you don’t have a GatorLink account yet, you can create an account using the “Create Account” link on
  • Update your profile directoryGo to and login with your Gatorlink ID and password. From there you will go to the Main Menu and then to My Account and click on Update my profile directory and put in your e-mail address and other appropriate information.

Things you need to send us:

Immunization Form

Make sure this is completed and sent in ASAP – you cannot be registered without it. If you graduated from UF after 2000, you do not need to resubmit this form. Any questions? Please contact the University of Florida, Student Health Care Center – Immunizations at (352) 294-7472. Download the immunization form

Gator 1 ID Card

Every Law student needs a Gator 1 ID card with “Levin College of Law” printed on it. Among other things, at the Law school this card serves as identification and allows you to enter Law buildings in the evenings and to check out study rooms in the Law Library. Even former UF students need to get a NEW ID card. Normally, you go in person to the UF ID Card Services Office to have your picture taken for this card. As a service to you, the Levin College of Law Office of Student Affairs and the UF ID Card Services Office have teamed up to offer you a new simpler, faster option for obtaining your Gator 1 card. You may submit a photo to UF Law and we will get your Gator 1 card printed and ready for you. You will then receive your Gator 1 card when you check-in on the first day of the ILSP. There is no extra charge for this service. The cost of the Gator 1 Card is $15.00 and that amount will be billed to your UF account.

To take advantage of this service, you must submit an appropriate photo to Minnie Lindsey, by August 4, 2014. By e-mailing your photo to Minnie Lindsey, you authorize the Levin College of Law Office of Student Affairs to provide that photo to the UF ID Card Services Office for printing of your Gator 1 ID card and to keep that image for the purpose of publication, either in print or electronically, for administration and faculty.

Please follow these guidelines for selecting a photograph to submit:

  • The photo must be a clear head shot, facing the direction of the camera.
  • The background must be a light solid color or plain surface. No photos with a “busy” or complicated background can be used. The photo should not include anyone else (or anyone else’s appendages) with you.
  • Do not submit photos that feature you wearing sunglasses, hats, or other head/face garments.
  • The photo must be a recent picture.
  • The photo must be in the JPEG image file format.

Any late photo submissions will be unable to be processed and you will have to obtain your Gator 1 ID card on your own by visiting the UFID Card Services Office at the UF Bookstore & Welcome Center. If you have already obtained your Gator 1 ID card, please submit a photo to Minnie Lindsey for Law School use; you will not be charged again as the charge is only for the printing of the card. If you obtained your Gator 1 ID card without “Levin College of Law” on it, you must submit a photo to Minnie Lindsey and you will be charged $15 again (unless it was the fault of the UF ID Card Services Office – please check with them if this applies to you).

Mandatory Health Insurance Requirement

The University of Florida has a mandatory health insurance requirement for all newly admitted (or re-admitted) students who are enrolled at least half time * in a degree-seeking program and are attending any campus of the University of Florida. Students are required to show proof of adequate health insurance as a condition of enrollment. It is important that you check ISIS to review your mandatory health insurance requirement hold on your academic record and read and agree to the policy. You must agree to either submit your health insurance information and that it meets the adequate coverage requirements (waiver) OR that you will be auto-enrolled in the school sponsored health insurance plan and billed for it. This hold will prevent you from registering for classes. More information including insurance coverage guidelines, frequently asked questions, how to submit one’s insurance information and more, can be found at [* Half time is defined as 6 eligible credit hours for undergraduate students and 5 eligible credit hours (4 credit hours during summer) for graduate students. For students beginning in Summer B term, half-time is considered 3 hours; however, one must be enrolled in 6 hours to receive financial aid. This applies to both domestic and international students.]

Send Official Transcripts

  • Official transcripts must be sent to the University of Florida from every post-secondary school attended. Official transcripts can be received in two ways:1) Paper transcripts received in an unopened sealed envelope.
    Electronic transcripts sent from your institution directly to UF, but ONLY via eSCRIPT-SAFE or AVOW (Parchment) transcript services. Most Florida public high schools and Florida public universities and community colleges have the capability to send transcripts electronically.Applicants can save up to two weeks in the response time if all post-secondary transcripts are received electronically through a UF-approved transcript service.
  • If you graduated from UF, you do not need to send a transcript.
  • Send official transcripts for all institutions of higher education you have attended to the main Admissions Office at the University of Florida:

Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 114000

Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

Things you need to know:

ISIS (Integrated Student Information System)

This is how to view your schedule, sign up for classes and how you can see if you have outstanding fees or holds. Student Affairs will register you for the first year courses by July 18.
It is important that you check your ISIS account for any holds and clear them so that Student Affairs will be able to register you for courses. You will find the following holds on your account and possibly others:

  • Emergency Contact Information Hold (you need to update every 4 months)
  • Registration Preparation Hold

To clear your holds, log onto ISIS:

  • On the top left side of the page, go to “Holds” and click on it. You will see your hold(s) and how to correct them.

First Day Assignments

Many classes will have First Day Assignments – so check back frequently, especially the week before classes. Don’t be surprised if some professors don’t post the assignment until the weekend before classes!

Accessing Online Course Materials (eLearning, TWEN, WebCourses)

  • You will learn how to access online course materials through eLearning, TWEN, and WebCourses at ILSP. Once you get a log-on, you can register for courses that teachers have set up an account for.
  • Most teachers (but not all) post assignments and other important information on here. Some even post the first-day assignments on here.

Exam Soft

  • This is the software program most professors use to give exams. Towards the middle of fall, an e-mail will be sent out with log-in information. Install it sooner than later. You do not want to lose 20 minutes of your exam figuring out why ExamSoft can’t find your exam, when you could have fixed those problems well in advance.


Prepare Your Laptop to Access the UF Wireless Network

  • Prior to the ILSP, you need to prepare your laptop to access wireless on campus. In order to connect, please follow these steps:
    • Using your laptop or other wireless device, go to
    • Click on the orange “Auto Configuration” button.
    • Follow the instructions that will guide you through the process.
    • If the automatic process fails, please follow the manual set-up instructions for your operating system, located here.
    • Note for Mac and Windows users, please be aware that after completing these previous steps, your laptop will be scanned for the latest anti-virus software. If none is found, you will be presented with an option to download a free anti-virus software package. You must have an up-to-date anti-virus software package installed to gain access to the UF wireless network.
    • If you are still unable to access the wireless network after completing the above steps, contact the UF Computing Help Desk for assistance (choose “Help” at


  • For on campus decals for law students (law school parking lot uses Green decals)- sign up online
  • Some parking is also available at the Campus Church of Christ, a few blocks down from the Law School on SW 2nd Ave.- Go into the office on the West side of the building to inquire about parking decals. In the past, decals cost $50 per semester.
  • Other transportation options- The Gainesville Bus system or RTS is free for all UF students if you show your Gator 1 ID card. Three routes pass by the law school (5, 34, and 43) and most other routes stop on campus somewhere. The fraternity row bus also runs behind the law school and is helpful for getting other places on campus.
  • For more parking information,


  • Lockers are first come, first served, and are located throughout Bruton-Geer Hall. Fall 2013 new students may claim their lockers beginning Tuesday, August 12, 2014 and returning students will be able to claim lockers beginning on Thursday, August 14, 2014.



  • If you entered and won the lottery for student tickets you can sit with your fellow law students as a member of the UF Law block. You can get into the block once tickets are awarded.
  • To be a part of the block, you need to take your Gator 1 ID to the football ticket office (located on the east side of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium). There, ask to be scanned into the law school block. If you do not have your ID scanned by Monday morning of the week of the game, you will not be in the block.