Career Development Questions

Q. Can I work during law school?

A. As a full-time law school, the Levin College of Law adheres to American Bar Association policy requiring students to devote all of their working hours to the study of law. Academic schedules and minimum load requirements are designed to reflect this policy. 1L students are prohibited from employment. Other students may be employed no more than 20 hours per week. Please see Academic Policies for further information.

Q. When should we start looking at summer options for after our 1L year?

A. The Center for Career Development (CCD) will host a special welcome orientation program for all 1Ls on or about October 15 to talk about what the office does to assist students, and after this program is held, you will be assigned a CCD counselor who can then work with you on an individualized employment plan. After December 1, you will be able to apply directly to legal employers with whom you are interested in working during your 1L summer.

Q. What is Symplicity? Do I need to register for it?

A. Symplicity is the online database system that the CCD uses for all recruiting including job postings, On-Campus Interviewing, CCD appointment scheduling, Resume Books, off-campus and on-campus events and more. You will be automatically entered into Symplicity. Transfer and visiting students will want to email the CCD at if they have not already received notification of enrollment in Symplicity.

Q. Why can’t I see a career counselor until October 15?

A. The ABA, the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and the law school believe that new law students need to take most of their first semester to acclimate to law school and to devote themselves to their academic success. Therefore, law schools cannot begin to offer career assistance to 1L students until October 15 . Waiting until after this date will be fine because the NALP guidelines prohibit all first-year students across the country from contacting legal employers prior to December 1. The same rules also prohibit legal employers from responding to or contacting first-year students before December 15.

Q. Can I attend CCD programs?

A. While the CCD cannot offer career counseling to first semester 1L students until after October 15, there are many career information sessions that first semester students may attend.