Levin College of Law

The University of Florida, Levin College of Law, uses ExamSoft’s Examplify product for taking examinations on computers. Blank exam answer files are downloaded prior to the exam; following completion of the exam, the student’s completed answer file is uploaded via a secure Internet connection. The uploading of the completed answer file usually takes place at the end of the exam.

Because it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of computer failure during an exam, please be aware that students who choose to use computers to take exams assume the risk of technology problems and all resulting consequencesThe use of ExamSoft is an option and is not required.

Examsoft Support

ExamSoft is not a University of Florida Levin College of Law product. For support, please call the ExamSoft Support Hotline at (866) 429-8889 or email support@examsoft.com.


To install ExamSoft’s Examplify, go to: http://www.examsoft.com/uflaw.