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For the last few years the rapid loss of recreational and working waterfronts that have historically formed part of the culture of many Florida towns and cities on the coast has prompted efforts to protect such waterfronts. In both 2005 and 2006 the Florida Legislature acknowledged this problem and sought to address it. Much of […]


As more users flock to Florida waterways, conflicts have increased. From debates about what constitutes exercise of the rights of navigation to deciding who pays for dredging, many difficult topics confront those charged with managing our waterways. In 2006 the Florida Legislature began addressing some of these issues. The Legislature limited the ability of local […]

Global Patrimony: The Mysterious Spheres of Delta Diquis

UF Law Joint Program Clinic Students Mildred Gomez, Andrew Miller, Anthony Manganiello and Ana Lucia Arias (UCR), flanked Program Directors Thomas T. Ankersen (UF Law) and Shirley Sanchez (UCR Law) and Fransciso Corales Director of the National Museum of Costa Rica. The Joint Program Clinic has been assisting the Museo Nacional of Costa Rica with […]

Abogados Sin Zapatos: The Central American Forest Communities Paralegal Project

Globalization has arrived to the deepest recesses of Central America ‘s frontier forests. Large and small-scale forest resource exploitation and infrastructure development projects such as Mundo Maya and Plan Puebla Panama have descended upon the indigenous and campesino communities of the region. Many communities are dependent on government authorizations to retain their resource rights. Yet […]

Caimans, Culture & Caño Negro II: Indigenous Use of Wetland Resources at a Ramsar Site

Raquel Salazar Bejarano, Ian Boisvert & María Fernanda Esquivel (June-July, 2004) The stereotypical environmental protection conflict pits a corporate industry’s bottom line against a local community’s desire for unspoiled natural resources. In the protected Caño Negro wetland of northern Costa Rica the conflict is between two local communities’ desires to protect their way of life. […]

Corporate Governance Through Bylaw Management

In the Spring 2001 and Fall 2001 semesters, the University of Florida Levin College of Law Conservation Clinic worked with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Recreation and Parks, Bureau of Parks District 2, to create the Citizen Support Organization Corporate Governance Manual. Citizen Support Organizations are statutory non-profit corporate entities which work […]

Dynamic Habitat Accommodation: The Policy Framework for Migrating Shorelines

Workshop Agenda Morning PowerPoint Presenation Afternoon PowerPoint Presentation White Paper on Dynamic Turtle Nesting Habitat Accommodation in Florida Appendices to the White Paper on Dynamic Turtle Nesting Habitat Accommodation in Florida

El Sendero Osa: Establishing a Mixed Tenure Regional Trail System on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

The complex of protected areas and contiguous forest on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula represents the last remaining moist tropical forest on Central America’s Pacific Coast. Biogeographically, the Osa forests demonstrate a strong affinity to the Colombian Choco on the South American continent, and represent the northernmost expression of that ecosystem. Globally, the Osa is considered […]

Florida Local Government Land Acquisition Programs

A survey of local programs Nicole C. Kibert, M.S. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Ecology, UF Thomas T. Ankersen, Director, Conservation Clinic, Fredric G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida Spring 2000 Local government land acquisition programs have become an increasingly important conservation tool throughout the United States. In Florida, there are 21 active programs using a […]