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UF Law experts available to address Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision

MEDIA ALERT June 30, 2014 GAINESVILLE, Fla. — The following University of Florida faculty are available for comment on the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. The ruling states that in some cases for-profit companies who object to certain contraceptive measures based on religious beliefs may be exempt from covering contraception to women under […]

UF Law expert available to discuss Supreme Court cell phone privacy ruling

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that police are required to obtain search warrants before searching cell phones of those who are arrested. This is a significant opinion for privacy rights – and the first of its kind – in the digital age. Contact: Jon Mills – Professor of law […]

Rebecca Bowles Hawkins

Return to Heritage of Leadership Rebecca Bowles Hawkins 1910-2000 Class of 1935 Became first female Assistant Attorney General in Florida in 1948 and headed office’s opinions division (1969-1976); full-time Research Assistant for Florida Supreme Court Justice B.K. Roberts; served as President of Florida (1954-1955) and National Association of Women Lawyers (1960-1961); named 1997 UF Alumnae […]

Gerald A. Williams

Return to Heritage of Leadership Gerald A. Williams 1950-2010 Class of 1975            Served as president of the UF Law Black Law Student Association and was among the first African-American graduates of UF Law; Served as Staff Attorney for the National Labor Relations Board before establishing Haygood & Williams, P.A. in West Palm Beach (1981); served […]

D. Burke Kibler III

Return to Heritage of Leadership “A life in war, the law and public service” At the end of a long career in law and public service, D. Burke Kibler III recalled an early assignment. “I looked around during one of the first days, and it dawned on me that the whole U.S. Army was behind […]

Warren M. Cason

Return to Heritage of Leadership “Taking responsibility on the farm, in business and building UF Law” It was 1933 and the father of 8-year-old Warren Cason had just died from the flu at the family’s Hillsborough County farm. Warren’s mother, Bertha, gathered him and four siblings together after the funeral. “Each one of you is […]

Raymer F. Maguire Jr.

Return to Heritage of Leadership (1921-2003) “Father of Valencia Community College” Raymer F. Maguire Jr. was a man devoted to his family, to his community and to his profession. A member of the pioneering Maguire family of Ocoee, Fla., Maguire Jr. was the son and namesake of Raymer F. Maguire (JD 15), a man influential […]

James J. Freeland

Return to Heritage of Leadership (1927-2000) “Always be aware of others, but compete only with yourself” James J. Freeland served the University of Florida College of Law as a professor for nearly 40 years. During that time, he cofounded the Graduate Tax Program at UF Law, now one of the top-ranked tax programs in the […]

George A. Smathers

Return to Heritage of Leadership (1913-2007) A Man for the Times Immediately following World War II America was a society in a state of evolution, forced by complex social and economic pressures to reinvent itself. Old institutions and political systems were pushed aside as servicemen returned from war, their youthful energy tempered by the hard […]

Henry A. Fenn

Return to Heritage of Leadership (1909-1995) “Tall Brother is watching you” At 6 inches shy of 7 feet tall, Henry A. Fenn was a man of measure. His unusual height and the watchful eye he kept on activities at the University of Florida College of Law led to the now infamous posters, pasted to walls […]