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A Citizen’s Guide to the DR-CAFTA Environmental Submission Process

The client for this Conservation Clinic project was the Secretariat for Environmental Matters (SEM) for the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement (DR-CAFTA). The goal was to develop a user-friendly guide to the citizen submission process created in Chapter 17 of the Agreement. After carefully reviewing the relevant portions of the DR-CAFTA and its supporting procedures, the clinic group worked closely with the SEM and the Program’s faculty advisers to draft a concise and authoritative guide to the citizen submission process, bearing in mind the sophistication and depth of information required for the intended audience.

The product, A Citizen’s Guide to the DR-CAFTA Environmental Submission Process, is a desktop reference for individuals or NGOs interested in enforcement of domestic environmental law. After a brief introduction to the mission of the Secretariat’s Office and the purpose of the submission process, the guide covers every aspect of the mechanism, from drafting the initial submission to the creation of a factual record. To facilitate its use, the guide is arranged in both a step-by-step and question-answer format, which is cross-referenced throughout. Additionally, the Guide explains the actions of every party during each step of the process, notes any alternate routes the submission might take, and provides tentative time tables to assist the submitter. The authors have also included a flowchart describing the entire mechanism as well as an instructional presentation, which highlights those aspects of the process most pertinent to the submitter. The Guide is in publication in English and Spanish by the SEM.


McCrary, Micah (University of Florida); Carbonell, Laura (University of Costa Rica). “A Citizen’s Guide to the DR-CAFTA Environmental Submission Process.”

Published: September 10th, 2012

Category: Academics

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