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Curriculum Roadmaps

These roadmaps are career-focused guides to help you identify both courses and summer opportunities you may want to pursue if you have a particular career path in mind. They may also help you to evaluate different career paths by giving you a better understanding of the type of substance and skills that you will develop and use if you practice in a particular field. However, as each roadmap indicates, this is only one tool and we encourage you to also consult the faculty identified both on the Academic Advising webpage and on the individual roadmaps as you plan your curriculum.

These first nine roadmaps were developed through a year-long process guided by the faculty Strategic Planning Committee, with substantial input from UF Law alumni and faculty with expertise in the relevant areas

We welcome your feedback both on the layout and functionality and on areas of practice or other focus which you’d like to see a roadmap for.

Curriculum Roadmap Feedback Form

Published: March 21st, 2014

Category: Academics

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