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Developing an Environmental Law Clinic for the Federal University of Pará, Brazil

For the past three years, the Conservation Clinic has benefited from the participation of recent law school graduates from Brazil. These professionals come to Costa Rica to observe how the year-round environmental law clinic functions at the University of Costa Rica (UCR). The UCR clinic, directed by an environmental lawyer and staffed by law students, provides pro bono assistance to Costa Rican citizens involved in environmental disputes. After conducting interviews at UCR, the Brazilian students designed a similar clinic for their own universities. In 2007, an environmental law clinic was designed for the Federal University of Mato Grosso, which is now up and running. In 2009, a clinic was designed for the Federal University of Pará. The proposal is currently under review.


Sa, João Daniel (Federal University of Para); Araujo, Elis (Imazon); Ezell, Mackenzie (University of Florida). “Escritorio Modelo Agro-Ambiental.”

Published: September 10th, 2012

Category: Academics

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