Levin College of Law

Florida Local Government Land Acquisition Programs

A survey of local programs

Nicole C. Kibert, M.S. Candidate, Interdisciplinary Ecology, UF

Thomas T. Ankersen, Director, Conservation Clinic, Fredric G. Levin College of Law, University of Florida

Spring 2000

Local government land acquisition programs have become an increasingly important conservation tool throughout the United States. In Florida, there are 21 active programs using a wide variety of financing methods to acquire environmentally sensitive lands. During the Spring of 2000 the University of Florida Conservation Clinic conducted a survey of local programs and their legal and administrative bases to assist Alachua County, Florida in its efforts to develop its own local land acquisition program, spearheaded by a citizen’s group known as Legacy Lands. Of the 20 counties, and 1 city, that have active programs, 18 counties responded to the Survey. In addition, not all counties responded to all questions.

The information gathered from the survey has been synthesized into a matrix on local land conservation programs for general distribution. This information was originally compiled to assist Alachua County in its efforts in developing its own land acquisition initiative. However, it is being made available to all local government officials and citizens who may be interested in establishing their own land acquisition programs.

The survey is composed of 5 sections: I. Background, II. Program Mechanics, III. Management, IV. Advice and V. Additional Comments.

Contact the Conservation Clinic at the University of Florida for more information.

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Published: June 5th, 2011

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