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Global Patrimony: The Mysterious Spheres of Delta Diquis


UF Law Joint Program Clinic Students Mildred Gomez, Andrew Miller, Anthony Manganiello and Ana Lucia Arias (UCR), flanked Program Directors Thomas T. Ankersen (UF Law) and Shirley Sanchez (UCR Law) and Fransciso Corales Director of the National Museum of Costa Rica.

The Joint Program Clinic has been assisting the Museo Nacional of Costa Rica with the development of an application to declare the Delta Diquis region of the Southern Zone of Costa Rica an international cultural landscape under the guidelines of the World Heritage Convention. The region is home to the mysterious Pre-Columbian spheres strewn among the post-colonial era banana plantations, creating a unique landscape mosaic threatened by coastal development and land use conversion. Joint Program students analyzed the criteria for UNESCO cultural landscape designation, including domestic legal protections, and applied them to the Delta site.

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Published: June 6th, 2011

Category: Academics

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