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Responsible Sport Fishing

Water Law ReformSport fishing has become an important tourist activity in Central America in recent years, which necessitates a policy framework that encourages sustainable behavior. The client for this Clinic project, MarViva, is a regional NGO dedicated to protecting marine and coastal resources. MarViva contracted the Conservation Clinic to create a handbook on responsible sport fishing for Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia. A draft of the handbook was prepared during the six weeks of the Clinic and is currently under review, and presentations on guidelines for responsible sport fishing were made in Costa Rica and Panama. The participating students will continue to work with MarViva to complete the handbook. In addition, one student has begun an additional project in Panama to identify weaknesses in existing laws and regulations related to sport fishing.


Carter Raymundo, Roxy (J.D., University of San Diego); Clarke, Tayler (University of Costa Rica). “Responsible Sport Fishing.”

Carter Raymundo, Roxy (J.D., University of San Diego). “Draft Handbook on Responsible Sport Fishing.”

Published: September 10th, 2012

Category: Academics

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