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Something Fishy Here: ISO 14001 Certification Case

Thomas Ruppert, UF Law, Quilla Trimmer-Smith, UF Law, Holly Berman, U Denver, Gladys Martinez, 5 L, UCR Derecho

Banana production ranks behind tourism as Costa Rica’s second largest industry. Bananas are grown as a plantation monoculture crop with heavy inputs of pesticides and fertilizers. Much of the Caribbean slope of Costa Rica has been converted from primary rain forest to banana plantations. Deforestation associated with banana production and other land uses is generally viewed as the culprit in the demise of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coral reefs. A 2002 fishkill in the Pacuare River Basin, world renowned for its whitewater rafting, set the stage for administrative litigation over agricultural practices of the ” bananeros,” multinational corporations.

Clinic Consultorio students Tom Ruppert, UF Law, Quilla Trimmer-Smith, UF Law, Holly Berman, U Denver Law and Gladys Martinez, UCR Derecho worked the Costa Rica environmental litigation NGO, Justicia para la Naturaleza, on a brief that was submitted to an environmental administrative tribunal and helped to prepare a community guide to the ISO 14001, the voluntary, private environmental management system used by the bananeros as a defense in the case.


Thomas Rupert’s Footnoted Description of the Banana Project (PDF)

Justicia Para la Naturaleza’s Brief before the Administrative Tribunal (PDF)

The Citizen’s Guide to ISO 14001 (PDF)

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Published: June 5th, 2012

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