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You will need your LSAC-generated username and password to log on. The Admissions Office will email you your username and password within 5-7 days after you submit your application.

UF Law’s Online Status Checker

As an applicant to UF Law, you can monitor the status of your application through the Online Status Checker (also referred to as ASO).

UF Law’s Online Status Checker will allow you to check your application status throughout the admissions process. You may view your current application status and confirm the receipt of materials such as resume, admissions statement and letters of recommendation. You can also read announcements from our admissions team.

Within 5-7 business days after submission of the online application, you will receive an email from UF Law* acknowledging receipt of your application and providing instructions to access the Online Status Checker.

*Important:  Email filters may direct correspondence to Junk or Spam folders.  Please check these additional folders, and/or adjust settings to allow email from admissions@law.ufl.edu.   

To ensure receipt of all notifications from UF Law, please contact admissions@law.ufl.edu with any updates to your email or mailing addresses.

ASO Intermediate Statuses

These are the statuses that you will see prior to a final decision.  Please note that status updates are not automated.

Application Received: Your application was received and Admissions is currently verifying documents.

Application Incomplete: Your application is missing required items (i.e. personal statement, resume, character and fitness documentation, letter of recommendation, or an answer to a question within the application).  This status also applies if your CAS (Credential Assembly Service) report from LSAC is missing.  Note: The CAS report is not released until an LSAT score and writing sample are available.

Application Complete: All required documents have been received and your application is ready for review.

Application Under Review: Your file is complete and the Admissions Committee is evaluating your application.

Application Under Extended Review: The Admissions Committee has completed the initial review of your file; however, a final decision has not been made. The Committee employs a comparative review process, and your file will continue to be evaluated as additional applications and/or more information regarding your candidacy are received. If prior to receiving a final decision, you have material updates – such as a new transcript or LSAT score, updated resume, or letter(s) of recommendation – this information will be considered as your file continues to be evaluated. Please remember that updated transcripts must be submitted through LSAC, not directly to the law school.  New LSAT scores will be automatically provided to UF Law by LSAC. You may send other documents to admissions@law.ufl.edu

Waitlisted: You have accepted a place on our Waitlist.  Please refer to the Waitlist FAQ for more information.

Final decisions are not shown on the ASO; decision notifications are sent via email.