Levin College of Law

Entering Class Profile

Fall 2017*

Photo of 2017 entering class, in O Dome
Each year our Admissions Office recruits and admits some of the country’s most promising, diverse, and dynamic students to join the UF Law student body. We are committed to enrolling students with excellent credentials, including those with diverse interests and life experiences from a wide range of backgrounds. Some of our commitment to excellence and diversity is reflected in the statistics set forth below, but our commitment is most fully reflected in the people who make up our community. We encourage you to visit our campus to meet the students, staff, and faculty who make UF Law so dynamic.

We are proud that the UF Law Class of 2020 hails from 101 undergraduate institutions across the country, including: Harvard, Columbia, Duke, Dartmouth, Cornell, Emory, NYU, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, UC – San Diego and UNC – Chapel Hill, among many other colleges and universities.

Number of Applicants 2,887
Acceptance Rate 31%
Class size 301
Median LSAT  161 (75th percentile – 163, 25th percentile – 155)
Median GPA  3.69 (75th percentile – 3.81, 25th percentile – 3.37)
Mean Age 24
Age Range 20-51
% Women 52.5%
% Racial and Ethnic Diversity 31.9%
Out of state  19% (31 states represented; six countries, including the U.S.)
Number of Undergraduate Institutions Represented 101
Number of Veterans 6

* as of August 14, 2017