Levin College of Law

Admissions Decisions

Timing of Admissions Decisions

UF Law reviews files on a modified rolling admissions basis and applicants could be notified of a decision as early as November, with notifications continuing through late July. Candidates are encouraged to submit the application as soon as possible. Applying early allows for the possibility of receiving a final decision much earlier in the process and for applying for financial aid in a timely manner. It also allows time to correct possible problems with the initial application. We strongly recommend applying early as this will place applicants in the best possible position for admission and scholarship consideration.

The Wait List Process

Each year the Levin College of Law receives a large volume of applications for admission. Based on prior years’ admissions cycles, the College of Law develops models that allow us to predict how many candidates who are offered admission to UF Law will choose to enroll. This, however, is never an exact science. In some years we may have more students enrolling than we anticipate, while in other years we may have fewer students in the entering class than we expect.

In order to ensure that we enroll the target number of students in the entering class, we will create a “wait list” of candidates.