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You will need your LSAC-generated username and password to log on. The Admissions Office will email you your username and password a few days after you submit your application.

Welcome to UF Law’s Applicant Status Online (ASO).

Thank you for applying to UF Law! We appreciate your patience with our admissions process.

UF Law’s Application Status Online (ASO) will allow you to check your application status throughout the admissions process. You may view your current application status and the receipt of materials such as resume, admissions statement and letters of recommendation. You can also read announcements from our admissions team.

Within five business days after submission of the online application, the Levin College of Law will send two emails, one acknowledging receipt of your application and another including instructions on how to access ASO.

To ensure receipt of all notifications from UF Law, please contact admissions@law.ufl.edu with any updates to your email or mailing addresses.

**Note: If you use Gmail, Gmail has been sending some of our emails to the Junk, Promotional, All, etc. folders. Please frequently check these folders for correspondence from UF Law.  

ASO Intermediate Statuses

These are the statuses that you may see prior to issuance of a final decision:

Application Received: Your application was received and Admissions is currently
verifying documents.

Processing Application and Documents: Your application was either recently received and is being processed or is missing required items. This status will change when all of the required items are received and processed.

All Required Documents Received: All required documents have been received and your application will soon be reviewed.

Under Initial Review by Committee: Your file is complete and the Admissions Committee is evaluating your application.

Hold: Your application has received an initial review, but the College of Law is not yet able to make a decision to Admit, Wait-list or Deny your application.  As more applications are received and our class begins to take shape, applications on Hold will be admitted, denied or offered a place on the wait list.  Our decision process is ongoing and you are welcome to supplement your file with an updated resume, letter(s) of recommendation, grades and/or LSAT scores as you deem appropriate.

Wait-listed: Packet emailed. Please refer to the Wait List FAQs for more information.