Levin College of Law

Recruitment Calendar

Each year, the Office of Admissions participates in recruiting events around the country. Please check our Recruitment Calendar to see when we will be near your hometown or college.

We hope to meet you on the road!

Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 Recruitment Schedule

The below schedule is tentative, as of September 19, 2017. Check back regularly for updates.

Date Event
7/22/2017 LSAC DC Forum
10/5/2017 Florida Southern College (Florida Caravan)–
10/5/2017 University of Tampa (Florida Caravan)
10/6/2017 Florida Gulf Coast University (Florida Caravan)
10/7/2017 LSAC Miami Forum
10/9/2017 Florida State Univ.
10/10/2017 Florida A&M Univ.
10/11/2017 Univ. of Central Florida
10/12/2017 Law Admissions Networking Night 2017 @ Emory
10/13/2017 LSAC Atlanta Forum
10/18/2017 Univ. of Florida Beyond the Swamp Fair
10/20/2017 – 10/21/2017 NY Forum
10/23/2017 Drexel University Philadelphia Law School Fair
10/24/2017 University of Maryland
10/24/2017 DC Law School Fair
10/25/2017 University of North Florida
10/26/2017 Greater Pittsburgh Fair
10/31/2017 Univ. of Florida Gator Graduate Programs Fair
11/3/2017 PAD Pre-Law Conference Law Fair, Washington, D.C.
11/4/2017 LSAC Los Angeles Forum
11/6/2017 USC Law Fair 2017
11/8/2017 Florida Blue Key Event
11/8/2017 UNC-Chapel Hill
11/9/2017 Wake Forest
11/9/2017 Greater Charlotte Law Fair at Davidson
11/10/2017 LSAC Boston Forum
11/11/2017 Joint National Black and Hispanic Pre-Law Conf. and Law Fair, NYC
11/14/2017 FIU PAD Panel
1/29/2018 Emory University Law School Fair
1/30/2018 Georgia Tech Law School Fair
1/31/2018 Auburn Univ.
2/1/2018 Univ. of Alabama
2/2/2018 University of West Florida Law School Recruitment Forum