Levin College of Law

Recruitment Calendar

Each year, the Office of Admissions participates in recruiting events around the country. Please check our Recruitment Calendar to see when we will be near your hometown or college.

Click here for detailed information about each event.

We hope to meet you on the road!

Fall 2016 Recruitment Schedule

September 12 University of Mississippi
September 20 LSAC Toronto Forum
September 23 The D.C. Law School Fair at George Washington University
September 27 Flagler College
September 28 Stetson University
September 28 Rollins College
September 29 Florida Southern College
September 29 University of Tampa
September 30 Florida Gulf Coast University
October 1 LSAC Miami Forum
October 3 Indiana University-Bloomington
October 4 University of Illinois-Urbana
October 5 University of Wisconsin
October 5 University of Kentucky
October 6 University of Notre Dame
October 11 University of Maryland
October 12 University of Central Florida
October 12 Philadelphia Law School Fair at Drexel University
October 14 LSAC New York Forum
October 15 LSAC New York Forum
October 17 Florida State University
October 17 Duke University
October 17 Texas A&M University
October 18 Florida A&M University
October 18 Pennsylvania State University
October 18 University of Texas-Arlington
October 19 University of North Florida
October 19 Duquesne University
October 19 University of Pittsburgh
October 19 University of Michigan
October 19 University of Oklahoma
October 20 The Ohio State University
October 20 University of Texas-Austin
October 20 LSAC San Francisco Forum
October 21 University of Texas-San Antonio
October 22 LSAC Houston Forum
October 24 University of Florida
October 24 Louisiana State University
October 25 Greater New Orleans Law Fair
October 26 University of Georgia
October 28 Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Conference
October 28 LSAC Atlanta Forum
October 31 University of North Carolina-Wilmington
November 1 North Carolina State University
November 2 University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
November 3 Wake Forest University
November 3 Davidson College
November 4 Mid-Atlantic Pre-Law Conference at Howard University
November 5 LSAC Los Angeles Forum
November 7 University of Southern California
November 10 University of California-Los Angeles
November 11 LSAC Boston Forum
November 12 National Black/Hispanic Pre-Law Conference Law Fair
November 15 LSAC Chicago Forum