Levin College of Law

Law Alumni Council

The Law Alumni Council (LAC) was founded in 1983 and focuses on three strategic objectives in its role of supporting UF Law:

  • Alumni Relations
    To provide networking opportunities that support increased engagement between the College of Law and its alumni.
  • Campus Outreach
    To assist in the professional development of UF Law students through recruitment efforts, mentoring initiatives, and campus programming.
  • Membership
    To enhance the LAC membership experience and the recruitment of new members.

2020-2021 Law Alumni Council

Executive Committee and Officers

President – William Lewis (JD 08)

Immediate Past President – Whitney Untiedt (JD 05)

President-Elect – Celeste Hankins (JD 15)

Secretary – Cecily McLeod (JD 06)

At-Large – Brock Hankins (JD 14)

At-Large – David Seifer (JD 98)

At-Large – Tara Tedrow (JD 12)


Committee Chairs

Alumni Relations – Janine Kucaba (JD 02)

Campus Outreach – William (Bert) McBride (JD 14)

Membership – Matthew Hall (JD 11)


Current Members

Jessica Anderson

Valeen Arena

Scott Atwood

Jonathan Barry-Blocker

Heather Brock

Donovan Brown

Maria Carantzas

Warren Chin

Sandy Chiu

Dylan De Fouw

Kimberley Dillon

Jacob Duval

Said (Sammy) Farhat

Jonathan Feldman

The Hon. Samantha Feuer

Ryan Gilbert

Matthew Grosack

Giselle Gutierrez

Harold Holder

The Hon. Kathryn Kimball Mizelle

Alissa Kranz

Brian Lawrence

Dan Lazaro

Rachael Loukonen

Brandon Meadows

Web Melton

Karen Middlekauff

Lauren Millcarek

Julie Miller

Holly Miller-Moore

Farooq Mitha

Rima Mullins

Lara Osofsky

Jason Pill

Grier Pressly

Anitra Raiford

Alibek Rakhimov

Kimberly Rezanka

Dwayne Robinson

Veronica Roof

Brian Roof

Brandon Sapp

Josh Spoont

Ashley Esparza Sykes

Misty Taylor Chaves

Lisa Thelwell

Joshua Weingard

Brandon White

Cari Whitmire

Robert Wight

Erica Williams

Marc Wites


If you would like more information about the LAC, please contact:

Dan Hoffman, Director of Development

Levin College of Law

Email Danielmhoffman@law.ufl.edu