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2018-2019 Law Firm Giving Challenge

Challenge Overview

The Law Firm Giving Challenge is an annual competition that encourages law firms with multiple UF Law graduates to achieve 100% participation giving back to their alma mater. Graduates can give back to any UF Law fund.

Challenge Participants

Firms with three or more University of Florida law graduates are eligible to participate. Firms are divided into four groups for the challenge:

  • Group 1: Firms with 75+ Gators
  • Group 2: Firms with 30-74 Gators
  • Group 3: Firms with 11-29 Gators
  • Group 4: Firms with 3-10 Gators

Why Participate?

Law firms are invited to compete against one another for the honor of being named one of the firms to reach 100% alumni participation in giving to UF Law. The participating firms will receive special recognition, including:

  • Special gift for all Challenge participants and Team Leaders
  • Social media shout outs to firms that achieve high participation rates
  • Web recognition throughout the year
  • Signage at the UF Law pre-graduation reception*
  • Signage at the UF Law alumni reception during the Florida Bar Convention in June**

The Challenge aims to strengthen our alumni’s connection to the Law School through events, volunteerism, and fundraising. The program is also designed to broaden the base of alumni support, a common measure of alumni support among law schools. Participation is what really matters in the Law Firm Giving Challenge.

How Does My Gift Benefit UF Law and Students?

Every dollar contributed makes a difference to UF Law students, faculty and alumni. Here are some examples of how your gift can be utilized at UF Law:

  • Support of our Merit Scholars Initiative program
  • Support high-quality and affordable legal education, a proud Gator tradition
  • Provide scholarship and loan assistance
  • Support student organizations
  • Strengthen the law library
  • Support services and programs for students and alumni

Challenges Rules and Dates

The goal of the challenge is to achieve 100% participation at law firms with at least 2 UF Law alumni. All gifts donated to UF Law between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018 (the law school’s fiscal year) will be counted in the challenge results and posted regularly on our website.

To be recognized with signage at the alumni receptions after graduation and during the Florida Bar Convention, the following criteria must be met:

*Firms that achieve 40% participation (Groups 1-2) and 75% participation (Groups 3-4) will be included on signage at our graduation reception. Gifts must be received one week prior to the event date.

**Firms that achieve 70% participation (Groups 1-2) and 100% participation (Groups 3-4) will be included on signage at our alumni reception during the Florida Bar Convention. Gifts must be received by June 16th.

How to Make a Gift

To make your gift online, please click here. For your security, to make credit card donations by phone, please call toll free 1-877-351-2377 and mention the Law Firm Giving Challenge.

For any questions or concerns, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 352-273-0640 or email development@law.ufl.edu.

Questions and Resources

To update participation of team members or to ask questions, please email Callie Wilkes at development@law.ufl.edu or fax materials to (352) 392-3434.