Levin College of Law

Team Leader Tool Kit


As your firm’s team leader, your main goal is to recruit and encourage your fellow Gators to participate in the Law Firm Giving Challenge. The development office can help you identify Gators in your firm and provide supporting materials that will help you reach your goal.


All organizations have different dynamics for how to best approach colleagues, and you know best for your firm. You can use the information provided to most appropriately work with your fellow Gators.


Reaching out to your fellow Gators is one of the most important keys in achieving 100% participation. The office of Development and Alumni Affairs will provide you with Law Firm Giving Challenge updates that you can forward to your colleagues. And of course, you can either forward the original email or personalize the message to make it your own!


Help make it easier on your fellow Gators and collect their gifts directly. Historically, team leaders who collect their colleagues’ checks and send a complete participation package to the Alumni and Development office have had the greatest success.


As we all know, people have very busy lives. Reminding your fellow Gators to participate is an important task. Friendly reminders, especially closer to the challenge deadline, are crucial.


Personal thank you cards are a great way to show your appreciation to the participating Gators at your firm. UF Law will also send a thank you note to all donors.


From everyone at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, thank you for signing up to be your firm’s team leader! We are sincerely grateful for your time and contributions.

Tips for a Winning Challenge


You can schedule a time for a representative from the office of Development and Alumni Affairs to visit your firm. Our staff is happy to visit with your colleagues, encourage them to participate, and provide an overview of the Law Firm Giving Challenge.


Peer-to-peer relationships are a valuable tool when trying to achieve 100% participation. Depending on your role at the firm, it may be beneficial to identify other team leaders at your office and at other office locations and together you can reach more Gators at your firm.


Set a goal for your firm. Your goal can be to be the first office of the firm to achieve 100% participation, to reach a donation amount that you set for the entire firm, to be the first firm in your group to achieve 100% participation, or any other number of goals that will motivate your firm. As a team, your firm can work together to achieve the set goal!


Once your firm reaches their goal, you might want to sponsor and plan a social hour or luncheon to honor everyone’s contributions. This not only recognizes your firm’s accomplishments as a team, but it’s a great opportunity to bring all of your Gators together to celebrate! Please share any ideas or ways we can help you celebrate successes.


City-to city, firms are participating in the University of Florida’s Law Firm Giving Challenge, and all of them are aiming for 100% participation. Use this reminder, to motivate your colleagues and be the first to achieve 100%!