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  • CIFCS has a distinguished roster of international academicians, executives and governmental officials – with representatives of the Levin College of Law – serving on its advisory body.


    Chesterfield Smith Professor of Law Fletcher N. Baldwin Jr., of the University of Florida Levin College of Law, is founding director of the Center for International Financial Crimes Studies. He is co-author of the five volume set, MONEY LAUNDERING, ASSET FORFEITURE AND INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRIMES, published by Oceana Publications (1993-current) and co-author of the three volume set CYBERCRIME & SECURITY, published by Oceana Publications (1998-current).

    Professor Baldwin serves as Chairman of the Oceana Money Laundering and Cybercrime Conferences. He also served as Technical Services Consultant to the Government of Indonesia; Financial Consultant to Parliament and the Constitutional Court, Kiev, Ukraine; Consultant, Office of the Juridical Council and Special Lecturer, Money Laundering – The Pacific Rim, Bangkok, Thailand; and Lecturer, Federal Fraud Institute Training Program, Department of the Treasury, Glynco, Georgia.

    Professor Baldwin is a member of the Advisory Boards of The Journal of Financial Crime (London) and The Journal of Money Laundering Control (London). He also is an overseas correspondent editor for Amicus Curiae, The Journal of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies (London), and a member of the Editorial Board, East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights, Makerere University, Uganda.

    Professor Baldwin is an Honorary Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies, London. He is a member of the American Law Institute, and holds degrees from the University of Georgia, University of Illinois and Yale University. Professor Baldwin teaches graduate law seminars on International Financial Crimes, and has addressed over 3,000 financial crimes conferences registrants.

    BOARD OF ADVISORS – International Delegates

    Dr. Jorge Luciani Abogada, Asesor Externo
    Escritorio Juridics Luciani, Caracas, Venezuela

    Professor Kern Alexander Jr., Solicitor (England) & Attorney (Florida)
    Judge, Institute of Management Studies, Cambridge University

    Dr. Mads T. Andenas, Professor of Law
    Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London

    Lic. Luz M. Nunez Camacho, Attached Directorate General
    Financial Intelligence Unit, Mexico City

    Victoria Figge, Director Financial Analysis Unit,
    Ministry of the Presidency, Panama City, Panama

    Peter Henwood, Chief Executive
    Consultancy & Management Services Limited, London

    Manuela Marta, Chief Inspector, Money Laundering Investigation Unit
    Direccao Central Para O Combate A Corrupcao, Fraudes E Infraccoes Economicas E Financeiras
    Lisbon, Portugal

    George Henry Millard, Advisor to the Head of Police, Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Dr. Chizu Nakajima, Senior Lecturer, City University Business School, London

    Dr. Jaime Ospina-Velasco, Socio Consultor
    Ospina Ovideo & Associates Ltd., Bogota, Colombia

    Juan Carlos Otero, Director, Tecadi, Caracas, Venezuela

    Mario A. Possamai, President
    FIA International Research, Ltd, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Dr. Barry A. K. Rider
    Director, Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
    Fellow in Law, Jesus College, Cambridge University

    Dr. William Tupman, Department of Politics, University of Exeter

    BOARD OF ADVISORS – United States Delegates

    William E. Baugh Jr., Corporate Vice President
    Science Applications International Corporation, McLean, Virginia

    Alan Brill, Managing Director, Kroll Associates, New York

    Thomas V. Cash, Senior Managing Director, Kroll Associates, Miami

    Dr. Dorothy Denning, Professor of Computer Science,
    Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

    Gen. Michael L. Ferguson, Attorney, Pensacola, Florida
    Brigadier-General (U.S. Army, Ret.)

    Susan Galli, Vice President, Grupo Banco Santander, New York

    Jeffrey Herig, Special Agent, Florida Department of Law Enforcement,
    Regional Operations Center, Tallahassee

    Leah Mayerson, Assistant State Attorney, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

    Carlos J. Melendez, SIC, Inc., Miami, Florida

    George C. J. Moore, Barrister and Attorney, West Palm Beach

    Buddy Parker, Attorney, Kilpatrick & Stockton, Atlanta, Georgia

    G. Montgomery Rankin, Attorney, Deerfield Beach, Florida

    William L. Richey, William L. Richey Law Firm, Miami, Florida

    Thomas Roche, Senior Vice President and General Counsel,
    Federal Reserve Bank of New York, New York

    Dan J. Ryan, Corporate Vice President
    Science Applications International Corporation, McLean, Virginia

    Julie Ryan, Julie Ryan, Inc., McLean, Virginia

    Dr. Eugene Schultz, Visiting Professor, Purdue University, Indiana

    Jeffrey Smith, Attorney, Arnold & Porter, Washington, D.C.

    BOARD OF ADVISORS – Levin College of Law Delegates

    Dean Jon Mills
    Dean Emeritus, Director of Center for Government Responsibility

    George Dawson, Professor of Law

    Thomas R. Hurst, Professor of Law