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Center on Children & Families

The Center on Children and Families is an interdisciplinary center committed to filling the need for high quality advocacy by creating programs and resources that bring an interdisciplinary, evidence-based and child-centered approach to issues of children’s law and policy.

Stacey Steinberg


The mission of the Center on Children and Families is to promote the highest quality of advocacy, teaching and scholarship in the areas of child & family law and policy. We believe that children, as the least powerful of our citizens, are most in need of high quality advocacy. They must depend on adults – parents, teachers, doctors and lawyers – to vindicate their rights to protection from abuse and to overcome barriers to education and health care. Children cannot lobby for legislation or retain high-powered lawyers and costly experts. While great strides have been made in educating family lawyers, we believe that too few professionals have the breadth of training necessary to advocate effectively for children and their families.
Our Center is committed to filling the need for high quality advocacy, teaching and scholarship by creating programs and resources that bring an interdisciplinary, evidence-based and child-centered approach to issues of children’s law and policy. Through its Gator TeamChild Juvenile Law Clinic, Conferences, Publications, and Student Fellowships, the Center on Children and Families is training a new generation of advocates for a new era.


  • Promote quality scholarship on issues of importance to children and their families.
  • Train a new generation of advocates for children and their families.
  • Educate children about their rights and responsibilities in a free society, and
  • Promote interdisciplinary and child-centered methods for studying systems serving children and their families.

Advisory Board


Bob Merlin

Robert J. Merlin, P.A.


Katy DeBriere

Florida Health Justice Project


Jessica Zissimopulos

Board Certified in Juvenile Law and Member of the Florida Juvenile Rules Committee


Judge Meshon T. Rawls

Alachua County Court Judge


Amanda Harrell

Senior Attorney, 8th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program


Selected Scholarship from 2018 to the Present

We present below a sampling of scholarship of our affiliate faculty members in the area of children and families. To see more of their work, please click on their names to be brought to their webpages.

  • Disclosing Discrimination, 101 Boston University Law Review 287 (2021).
  • The Politics of Pregnancy Accommodation, 14 Harvard Law & Policy Review 293 (2020).
  • The Statutory Public Interest in Closing the Pay Gap, 10 Alabama Civil Rights – Civil Liberties Law Review 1 (2019).
  • Antidiscriminatory Algorithms, 70 Alabama Law Review 519 (2018).
  • Equal Work, 77 Maryland Law Review 581 (2018).

  • Psychometric Properties of the Vanderbilt ADHD Diagnostic Rating Scale Completed by Juvenile Corrections Staff, 24 Journal of Attention Disorders 1521 (2020) (with Joseph C. Gagnon, Cynthia W. Garvan, Cecelia Ribuffo-Duggan & David Houchins).
  • Editorial: Trials and Tribulations of Developing Adolescent Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Interventions: Digging Deep to Stay Motivated, 60 Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 685 (2020).
  • Editorial: Parental Depression Does Not Impede Benefits From Behavioral Parent Training, 59 Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 918 (2020).

Teresa Drake
  • Early Childhood Matters,  71 (1) Florida Law Review Forum 1 (2019) (with Nancy Dowd) (introduction to symposium volume on early childhood).

Joy Gabrielli
  • Exposure to Television Alcohol Brand Appearances as Predictor of Youth Brand Affiliation and Drinking Behaviors, Journal of Youth and Adolescence (2021) (with Corcoran, E., Genis, S., McClure, A. & Tanski, S. E.).
  • Acute-on-Chronic Stress in the Time Of COVID-19: Assessment Considerations for Vulnerable Youth Populations, 88 Pediatric Research 829 (2020) (with Lund, E. M.).
  • Leveraging Social Media to Rapidly Recruit a Sample of Young Adults Aging Out of Foster Care: Methods and Recommendations, 113 Children and Youth Services Review 104960 (2020) (with Borodovsky, J., Corcoran, E. & Sink, L.).
  • The A, B, C’s of Youth Technology Access: Promoting Effective Media Parenting, 59 Clinical Pediatrics 496 (2020) (with Tanski, S. E.).
  • Innovative Methodological and Statistical Approaches to the Study of Child Maltreatment: Introduction. 87 Child Abuse & Neglect 1 (2019) (with Jackson, Y.).
  • A New Recall of Alcohol Marketing Scale for Youth: Measurement Properties and Associations With Youth Drinking Status, 80 Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 563(2019) (with Brennan, Z. L. B., Stoolmiller, M., Jackson, K. M., Tanski, S. E. & McClure, A.).
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  • Maltreatment, Coping, and Substance Use in Youth in Foster Care: Examination of Moderation Models, 23 Child Maltreatment 175 (2018) (with Jackson, Y., Huffhines, L. & Stone, K.).

Andrew Hammond
  • Territorial Exceptionalism and the American Welfare State, 119 Michigan Law Review (forthcoming 2021).
  • Litigating Welfare Rights: Medicaid, SNAP, and the Legacy of the New Property, 115 Northwestern University Law Review 361 (2020).
  • The Immigration-Welfare Nexus in a New Era?, 22 Lewis & Clark Law Review 501 (2018) (invited symposium contribution).
  • Americans Need a Stronger Safety Net, Not Just Stimulus Checks, The Regulatory Review (Jan. 11, 2021) (with Ariel Jurow Kleiman & Gabriel Scheffler).
  • How the COVID-19 Pandemic Has and Should Reshape the American Safety Net, Minnesota Law Review Headnotes (2020) (with Ariel Jurow Kleiman & Gabriel Scheffler).
  • Poverty Lawyering in the States, in Holes In The Safety Net: Federalism & Poverty (Rosser, ed.) (Cambridge 2019).

E. Lea Johnston
  • Reconceptualizing Criminal Justice Reform for Offenders with Serious Mental Illness, 71 Florida Law Review 515 (2019).

Laura A. Rosenbury
  • Introduction to Black Lives Matter Symposium, Florida Journal of Law & Public Policy (forthcoming 2021).
  • Toward a New Law of Early Childhood?, 71 Florida Law Review Forum 37 (2019).
  • The New Law of the Child, 127 Yale Law Journal 1448 (2018) (with Anne Dailey).

Cameron Rosenthal
  • Opting out of Vaccines for Your Child, 174 (9) JAMA Pediatrics 916 (2020) (with Lindsay A. Thompson).
  • Child Abuse Awareness Month During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic, 174 (8) JAMA Pediatrics 812 (2020) (with Lindsay A. Thompson).
  • Chronic Critical Illness: Application of What We Know, 33 (10) Nutrition in Clinical Practice 39 (2018) (with MD Rosenthal, AY Kamel, S Brakenridge, CA Croft & FA Moore).

Stacey Steinberg
  • “Growing Up Shared: How Parents Can Share Smarter on Social Media and What You Can Do to Keep Your Family Safe in a No-Privacy World” (Sourcebook, 2020).
  • Changing Faces: Morphed Child Pornography and the First Amendment, 68 Emory Law Journal 909 (2019).
  • Documented: My Week at the South Texas Family Residential Center, 30 University of Florida Journal of Law and Public Policy 99 (2020).
  • The London School of Economics Parenting for the Digital Future – (May, 2020) Separating parents and social media: helping families navigate online spaces even when parents live apart
  • The Washington Post – (May, 2020) An oversharing grandma’s court case offers lessons on setting boundaries for kids’ online privacy
  • The New York Times – (May, 2020) How to Keep Children’s Stress From Turning Into Trauma
  • The Washington Post – (April, 2020) This may be the time to harness the power of social media as a family
  • The Washington Post – (February, 2020) Let’s tell kids what they can do online, instead of what they can’t do
  • The Washington Post – (September, 2019) The online privacy checklist your kids need you to have

Danaya Wright
  • What Happened to Grandma’s House: The Real Property Implications of Dying Intestate, 53 C. Davis Law Review 2603 (2020).
  • Disrupting the Wealth Gap Cycles: An Empirical Study of Testacy and Wealth, 2019 Wisconsin Law Review 101 (2019).
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  • The Demographics of Intergenerational Transmission of Wealth: An Empirical Study of Testacy and Intestacy on Family Property, 88 UMKC Law Review 665 (2019).

Cristina Zeretzke-Bien
  • Editor, “Quick Hits for Pediatric Emergency Medicine” (Springer Nature 2018) (with co-editors Tricia B. Swan & Brandon R. Eds.).