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    Katheryn Russell-Brown

    Dr. Katheryn Russell-Brown


    Dr. Russell-Brown was named the CSRRR director in 2003. She is also the Chesterfield Smith Professor of Law. Her research and writing focus on race and crime. The second edition of her book, The Color of Crime (NYU Press) was published in 2009.

    Diedre Houchen

    Diedre Houchen, Ph.D.

    Post-Doctoral Associate


    Faculty Affiliates

    African American Studies
    • Iris A. Burke
    • Jonathan Cohen
    • Nancy E. Dowd
    • Joan D. Flocks
    • Berta E. Hernandez-Truyol
    • Michelle S. Jacobs
    • Shani M. King
    • Pedro Malavet
    • Kenneth B. Nunn
    • Meshon Rawls
    • Sharon Elizabeth Rush
    Political Science
    Political Science and African American Studies
    Religion and African American Studies
    Women’s Studies and Gender Research

    Student Affiliates

    • Luis Caraballo-Burgos
    • Andrea Davis
    • Debrechea Hopkins
    • Deidre Houchen
    • Kevin Jenkins
    • Robert Perdue


    The Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations (CSRRR) is an academic research and resource center. The Center’s mission will be met through the work of various groups engaged in a wide range of activities. This work includes:

    • Producing, supporting, and highlighting race-related scholarship within and beyond the UF community
    • Gathering, analyzing, and sharing historical and contemporary knowledge about race and race relations
    • Developing and supporting, through teaching, research, writing, and workshops, race-related curricula for collegiate and professional schools
    • Fostering non-stigmatizing ways of discussing issues of race and ethnicity, including African Americans, Latino/as, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Whites


    Please join us in our efforts to identify and address the many difficult but important race-related issues. We look forward to working with you. We welcome your questions and comments at csrrr@law.ufl.edu.

    Contact Information


    Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations
    University of Florida, Levin College of Law
    P.O. Box 117625
    Gainesville, FL 32611-7625




    (352) 273-0614


    (352) 392-5000