Levin College of Law

Each year ELURELP offers several field-based courses that provide students with the opportunity to experience and learn about environmental and land use law issues in a real-world setting.  In addition to the field-based program in Costa Rica, field courses include Marine and Coastal law, in which students spend time in locations throughout Florida to learn about issues such as the impacts of sea level rise, coastal erosion sea turtle conservation, and legal issues related to public access to beaches.  Another regularly-offered field course is Wetlands and Watershed Law, Policy, and Science, in which students have an opportunity to get on the water (and sometimes in the water) to experience firsthand how to delineate wetlands using Florida and Federal methodologies, how to use the Florida Uniform Mitigation Assessment Methodology to analyze wetland mitigation proposals, and how to conduct an Ordinary High Water Line Determination.  In all field courses, experts from other academic disciplines, government agencies, and environmental organizations participate in lectures and field trips and challenge the student to go outside of their comfort zones, both in terms of learning and in experiencing the natural environment.