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  • The Levin College of Law offers students the unique opportunity to study international and comparative environmental law from a Latin American perspective through the study abroad program in Costa Rica. Few countries are better suited to the study and application of environmental law than the tiny tropical republic of Costa Rica, which has been at the forefront of some of the most significant environmental policy innovations on the global stage. The UF Levin College of Law/University of Costa Rica Joint Program in Environmental Law emphasizes international and comparative environmental law as well as skills training in a cross-cultural context through its Conservation Clinic and skills-based courses such as Environmental Dispute Resolution. Law students and young attorneys from Costa Rica and elsewhere in Latin America and the Caribbean participate in the program along with U.S. law students, thanks to a special collaboration with the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide.

    Issue-based field trips round out the curriculum. In addition to rafting tropical rivers and visiting community cloud forest reserves, students are able to work with field biologists from the Caribbean Conservation Corporation as they tag sea turtles and monitor the remote nesting beaches of Tortuguero on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

    Detailed information is availabe at: Costa Rica Program.