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    In the coming decades 77 million baby boomers will retire. Planning for the largest generational transfer of wealth in history will require professionals who possess specific knowledge relating to estate planning, estate and trust administration, wealth transfer taxes and charitable giving. Proficient estate planners must acquire not only technical expertise in their field, but also client-relations skills essential to this individualized area of practice. Administered by the Center for Estate Planning, the Estate Planning Certificate Program is designed to give students a well-rounded legal education with focus in the areas of trusts and estates planning and administration (thereby implicating the laws of gifts, loans, intestate succession, wills, trusts, future interests, probate, fiduciary law, family holding entities, valuation discounts, and taxation).

    As a premier public law school for preparing a new generation of lawyers in the estate planning field, UF Law is uniquely qualified to cultivate and train the best lawyers to serve in this vital area. Our outstanding faculty and other leading experts in this field will draw upon their wealth of practical experience to provide our students with academic guidance, mentorship, and area-specific education. In addition to its rich curriculum, the program offers career networking, externship and independent study opportunities.

    To be eligible for the Certificate upon graduation, students must complete and achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in the following Certificate courses (said required course may be modified or waived by the Director in his or her sole and absolute discretion):


    Core I Courses

    Students must successfully complete all of the following:

    • Estates & Trusts (LAW 6430)
    • Fiduciary Administration (LAW 6440)
    • Estate Planning (LAW 6450)
    • Income Taxation (LAW 6600)
    • Taxation of Gratuitous Transfers (LAW 6620)

    Core II Courses

    Students must successfully complete two of the following:

    • Future Interests (LAW 6433)
    • Elder Law (LAW 6936)
    • Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates (LAW 6621)
    • Estate Planning Practice (LAW 6930)
    • Guardianship (LAW 6930)

    Elective Courses

    Students are encouraged, but are not required, to complete the following:

    • Interviewing and Counseling (LAW 6381)
    • Unincorporated Business Enterprises (LAW 6930)
    • Accounting and Finance for Lawyers (LAW 6760) or Finance for Lawyers (LAW 6761)
    • Family Law (LAW 6710)
    • Remedies (LAW 6305)
    • Statutory Interpretation (LAW 6930)

    Writing Requirement

    Students also must complete an advanced writing project, the topic of which must be approved by the Director. The writing project may be accomplished through the enrollment in (i) an estate planning seminar or (ii), if approved in advance by the Director, another seminar or advanced course that satisfies the Law School’s writing requirement.


    Enrollment Form [156KB PDF]
    Complete this form to apply for admission to the Certificate program.

    Request Form for Priority Registration [195KB PDF]
    Use this form to request priority registration for Certificate courses if you are having difficulty meeting requirements in time for planned graduation due to registration difficulties.

    Requirement Completion Form [232KB PDF]
    In your last semester, request your Estates and Trusts Certificate by filling out this form.

    The Center for Estate Planning

    The Center for Estate Planning integrates teaching, training, research, scholarship and public service with the goals of advancing estates and trusts knowledge, law, policy, professionalism, and skills.

    The Center is directed by Professor Lee-Ford Tritt. The Center works closely with the Graduate Tax Program and the UF Institute for Learning in Retirement.

    Visit the The Center for Estate Planning page for more information.

    Related Organizations

    All candidates are encouraged to join the Estates & Trusts Law Society. Check with Student Affairs or program Director for details.

    This Certificate Program is administered by the Center for Estate Planning.

    Contact Information

    Lena Hinson
    Academic Support
    Estate Planning Certificate Program
    (352) 273-0777 / Fax: (352) 392-9419
    E-Mail: hinson@law.ufl.edu